Giacomo Casanova

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Giacomo Casanova (986434)
Giacomo Casanova
managed by Hacker
Full name Giacomo Casanova
Founded January 2, 2006
Region Oran
Country Template:Flag/ALGn
Arena La Matrice
Capacity 83.000 seats
Fan club Les plus grands séducteurs
Coach Template:Flag/ARG Lucio Casas De Pedro
League Division Une

Updated: November 4, 2008

Giacomo Casanova is a Hattrick football team from Algeria founded on the 2nd of January 2006 by Hacker. At the beginning the team was called Bil-O crew but after some seasons Hacker renamed it as Giacomo Casanova. It has to be considerer one of the greatest Algerian teams in Hattrick.
In addition, Hacker is now the coach of the National Team of Algeria.

Prize Shelf

League Champion (Algérie) Season 8 League Champion (Algérie) Season 9 League Champion (Algérie) Season 10
3 Algerian Championships:

  • League Champions for Season 8
  • League Champions for Season 9
  • League Champions for Season 10

Cup Champion (Algérie) Season 9 Cup Champion (Algérie) Season 10
2 Algerian Cups:

Series Champion II.4 (Algérie) Season 5 Series Champions Division Une (Algérie) Season 8 Series Champions Division Une (Algérie) Season 9 Series Champions Division Une (Algérie) Season 10
4 Algerian Series:

Top Scorer of the II.4 (Algérie) Season 5 Top Scorer of the Division Une (Algérie) Season 9
2 Top Scorers: