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|'''Position'''        || [[Defender]]
|'''Position'''        || [[Defender]]
'''Giovanbattista Buscemi''' is a player, Born in [[Ufficio Reclami]].
'''Giovanbattista Buscemi''' is a player, Born in [[Castelfranco]].
[[Category:Ufficio Reclami Players|Giovanbattista Buscemi]]
[[Category:Castelfranco Players|Buscemi, Giovanbattista]]
[[Category:Italian Players|Buscemi, Giovanbattista]]

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Giovanbattista Buscemi
Personal Information
Full Name Giovanbattista Buscemi
Country  Italia
Player ID (335736357)
Position Defender

Giovanbattista Buscemi is a player, Born in Castelfranco.