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[[Category:Italian Players|De Meo, Giuseppe]]
[[Category:Italian Players|De Meo, Giuseppe]]
[[Category:Ufficio Reclami Players|Giuseppe De Meo]]
[[Category:Ufficio Reclami Players|Giuseppe De Meo]]
[[Category:Ufficio Reclami Players (Pages on Progres)]]

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Giuseppe De Meo
GDe Meo.jpg
Personal Information
Full Name Giuseppe De Meo
Country Italy Italia
Player ID (80039862)
Position Defender
Number 6
Actual Club Italy Ufficio Reclami
Sénior Club
Season 27 Italy the door
Season 27 - 28 Argentina Pistons
Season 28 Switzerland the grannies
Season 28 - 32 Netherlands AFC Lexie
Season 32 - 41 Hungary Kohász
Season 41 Spain A-Typics
Season 41 - 42 Turkey Red-White Eyes
Season 42 Romania CF Forex
Season 43 - ?? Italy Ufficio Reclami

Giuseppe De Meo is a italian player, actually in Ufficio Reclami

  • Gol fatti in carriera: 32
  • Hattrick (triplette) in carriera: 0


Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VII.PNG Division VI.PNG
Season 27 Season 37 Season 41 Season 46
Pistons Kohász Kohász Ufficio Reclami

Momenti di Gloria

23/10/2005 04:36 È stato scoperto da the door