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Global NT/U20 Tracker was a CHPP approved tool that had the status of a global tracker from October 2008 to June 2009, after NT-database left this position due to time restraints. The tool had been created and was maintained by llankru from Schweiz. After this the NEW GLOBAL NT/U20 SCOUT-DB created by TopGodo took over.

On the 3rd of October 2008, CHPP-Alf announced on Global (English) that Global NT/U20 Tracker has been granted the status of a global tracker:

Keywords: (Global tracker), (NT-database)
From: CHPP-Alf (11955266.1) as reply to (0)
To: Everyone 3.10.2008 at 11:31
Georgious who managed a global NT-DB application is not going to adapt his tool to match latest CHPP changes. Hence, all countries that did not have a dedicated CHPP tool are toasted.

We have had user llankru handle already a few countries based on NT/U20 coaches demand, but since CHPP is still closed, we granted him licences only on a case by case basis and only when NT/U20 coaches of a specific country asked us to do so.

Based on those two facts, we have decided to grant llankru Global NT/U20 Tracker a global CHPP licence.

Each country is still allowed to have one individual licence as well as using this one. So no change there.

A post in the National Teams conferences will be made to advise all NT and U20 coaches.

PS : in case you were also wondering, CHPP is still closed to new applications and we have no estimate on when it will be reopened.

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