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The Global season (g.s.) counter is the number of seasons that have passed since the first season of Hattrick's history. As with any other season, the starting day of the next g.s. is calculated by adding an interval of 112 days, which corresponds to the duration of an entire season, to the first day of the previous one.


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Global seasons are counted starting from Sweden first season, the only active league in the game since its beginning. As part of Hattrick's initial expansion, even if younger than Sweden, other 9 countries share the global season count as well, although they are not as old as Sweden. They are England, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Argentina and USA.

After the creation of these leagues, all other leagues have been assigned their own season numbers starting from 1.

Note that:
  • the date shown below "in brackets" corresponds to the "first day of the g.s.;
  • the first day of a g.s. is the Sunday before round 1 of main cup;
  • the real global season 1 was only 7 weeks long, so it is necessary to use the conventional date of 1 June 1997 to identify mechanically the subsequent seasons and the current one.


Season 1

(30 Aug. 1997)
Hattrick is born.
16 teams were in Hattrick.
Two test series were played in 7 rounds.
Splash image circa 2011(source: login page)

Season 2

(23 Nov. 1997)
HT 2! A new and dynamic Hattrick woke up after a long break due to re-coding and a move to the portal
A new type of transfer system was implemented (before you could bid on any player and if the owner accepted the offer the transfer was made).
The new release allowed for a total of 680 teams and added a few features still available today, such as the transfer list and a league pyramid though teams' positions in the series were determined by random selection during the off-season.
The first national team game ever was played. SwedenDenmark 1-2. The Danish team were a clone of the Swedish player wise.


Season 3

(5 April 1998)
HT 3.
Friendly matches and cup matches were introduced.
Zakrock Rooch were the first cup champions.
Big problems with the servers during the silly season, Hattrick is down a few weeks!
Hattrick expands to 1704 teams. Division IV is created with 128 series.
1998: Finally new training types beyond General, Stamina and Set Pieces

Season 4

(26 July 1998)
Special training features such as training types beyond General, Stamina and Set pieces.
Added an expanded set of in-game skill levels.
Thanks to the new special training Per Emilsson (57216) in Juveby IF goes through the roof of the match grading system, and as the first and only player ever he gets the grade “saint” – it was a kind of impossible dummy value HT-Björn used if the impossible should happen.
The grade system was changed the week after Per Emilsson was declared "saint" ! Added other stars after the maximum of 5.
The new grading system was; 0, H, HH, HHH, *, **, ***, ****, *****, *****!, *****!! And so on.

Season 5

(15 Nov. 1998)

Nothing in particular happened this season according to the history books.


Season 6

(14 March 1999)

If something extraordinary really happened this season it didn't make it into the history books.

1999: New remarkable features as live matches

Season 7

(3 July 1999)
HT 4
Individual orders with players reposition were introduced!
New tactical options were added (Before you could only play 4-4-2 with “Normal” settings).

Season 8

(24 Oct. 1999)
HT 5 was released, roughly nine months after ExtraLives AB were formed.
The new match engine brought to the game new remarkable features as live matches and Specialties.


Season 9

(13 Feb. 2000)
The community was moved from to Delphi forums.
HTSCB, the first external site with automatic generated statistic, is created.
2001: Bob "the beloved" is born

Season 10

(04 June 2000)
Hattrick’s nostalgic look was buried. The classic design began to reign.

Season 11

(05 Oct. 2000)
The launch of HT5 added features such as live matches (which replaced the matches that previously occurred during downtime each night), instant transfer processing, 15 different player skill levels including the current peak level "divine", and the "stars" system for player performance rating.
At this time the game had a capacity of roughly 12 000 users.
Hattrick added more nations beyond Sweden: England, Germany, Italia, Spain (which will become Mexico the next season), France, Argentina and USA. Users who had previously played in Sweden and new users alike filled these nations' new leagues.


Season 12

(2001 Feb. 4)
From the beginning of this season on, teams were placed in the same series as they finished and the promotion/demotion system was established.
Hattrick Supporter was launched just before Season 13 (price: 24 €).
Spain was renamed to "México".
New leagues: Nederland, Norge.
2001: The news ticker with latest news in real time is one of the most interesting features of the new supporter's package
2001: Together with the supporter add-on, the legendary green kit is born
Hattrick - casa.png Hattrick -away complete-.png
Here is a reinterpretation of the kit

Season 13

(2001 May 27)
Welcome to Brasil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Danmark, España, Hanguk, India, Ireland, Misr, Nippon, Oceania, Perú, Polska, Portugal, Prathet Thai, România, Rossiya, Scotland, South Africa, Suomi, Türkiye, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Season 14

(2001 Sept. 16)
Conferences system and Hattrick mobile were added.
New leagues: België, Ísland, Malaysia, Österreich, Schweiz, Singapore.


Season 15

(2002 Jan. 6)
The launch of HT 6, in January 2002.
The developers create the special events, a concept very familiar to every manager today.
HT6 did not solve the growing economic problems within the game, however. The developers resorted to giving out 200 000 euros (or the equivalent in each country's currency) to each team to boost the in-game economy, which had entered the equivalent of a depression.
V. Division in Germany.
Also added the first official national teams, and, with them, international friendlies and World Cups. The first World Cup was held in Japan and Korea at the end of the season, with Sweden beating England 4-0 and becoming the first champion.
Champion 2010
P1 NT-newdd.png 2008
P1 purple-new.gif 2006
P1 purple-old.gif 2002
2002-2010: World Cup Trophy evolution

Season 16

(2002 April 28)
The first U-20 World Cup is played.
New leagues: Česká republika, Eesti, Hellas, Hrvatska, Indonesia, Latvija, Magyarország, Philippines and Srbija (originally as Srbija i Crna Gora);

Season 17

(2002 Aug. 18)
New leagues: Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong.

Season 18

(2002 Dec. 8)
VI. Division established in España, Nederland and Deutschland.
New leagues: Bulgaria, Cymru, Israel, Slovenija (because of an error their first season is called "season 2").


Season 19

(2003 March 30)
VII. Division in Nederland.
2003: The earliest appearances of Hammo, the guy sleeping careless while the site is down. Just in time for Black Friday!

Season 20

(2003 July 20)
HT 6.5 introduced the system for coaches recruiting.
VI. Division established in Italia, Polska and Suomi; VII. Division in Schweiz.
New leagues: Bosna i Hercegovina, Lietuva, Pakistan, Slovensko, Vietnam and Ukraine.

Season 21

(2003 Nov. 9)
For the first time, the Hattrick universe is restored from a backup: Black Friday happens before round 3 on November 28th, 2003.
VI. Division in Chile, France, Israel, Österreich; VII. Division in Argentina, België, Deutschland and España.
New leagues: Al Maghrib, Bolivia, Ecuador, Føroyar, Nigeria and Paraguay;


Season 22

(2004 Feb. 29)
Total Skill Index.
New leagues: Saudi Arabia, Tounes, Costa Rica, Lëtzebuerg, Iran, Republica Dominicana, Cyprus and United Arab Emirates.
2004: Hattrick Clubhouse challenged (and was beaten) HT-Arena, at that time the best external application to publish a homepage for your club.

Season 23

(2004 June 20)
Official premium add-on Hattrick Clubhouse.
VIII. Division in Deutschland.
New leagues: Northern Ireland, Belarus, FYR Makedonija, Panamá, Kenya and Jamaica.

Season 24

(2004 Oct. 10)
IX. Division in Deutschland.
Welcome to El Salvador, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Malta, Moldova and Shqipëria.


Season 25

(2005 Jan. 30)
Added Al Urdun, Andorra, Sakartvelo and Guatemala.
2005: Newbies are no longer left to wander alone in their first few weeks

Season 26

(2005 May 22)
X. Division in Deutschland.
Hello Suriname, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago and Kazakhstan.

Season 27

(2005 Sept. 11)
Hattrick Manager License Challenge, a tutorial for newbies on the site.
VII. Division in England; XI. Division in Germany.
New leagues: Al Jazair, Hayastan, Lubnan, Liechtenstein, Mongol Uls and Sénégal.


Season 28

(2006 Jan. 01)
Played the first Hattrick master.
League and Team Ranking were introduced.
Supporters enjoyed the Arena Viewer, a designer tool.
New leagues: Bahrain, Barbados, Cabo Verde and Côte d’Ivoire.
2006: First HT Masters Final

Season 29

(2006 April 23)
Match Kit Designer allowed supporters to make a home and away shirt.
Hall of Fame for clubs.
Announced more than a season in advance, the league reform was completed during the off-season, in April. Following this restructuring, all bot teams at that time were relegated to the bottom division, replacing them by promoting extra teams from lower divisions.
The reform was intended to solve the problem of league pyramid capacity. At this time, the game's membership was 800,000 users strong. The growth had made it necessary to add a new pyramid level almost every season and the largest countries, over 60,000 each, had swelled to 12 levels.
Before the league reform, pyramid levels in division 6 and below were all comprised of 1024 leagues. Levels 8 and 9 would now double in size to 2048 leagues, and 10 and below would increase to 4096 leagues.
Between rounds eleven and twelve, there is a long downtime of about 70 hours. For the second time, the HT universe is restored from a backup (see also season 21 events).
Intel became Hattrick's official technical partner.
Al Iraq and Azərbaycan were the new leagues.
2006: Arena Designer tool
2006: HT-Oxidus (who was simply Oxidus at the time) created a primordial ans successful Kit Designer and published it as a gimmick on a website on his own

Season 30

(2006 Aug. 13)
The stamina skill is changed: stamina levels fall steadily during the season and training is revised.
Old players' skills decline more frequently, in smaller increments, than before.
The non-existent skill denomination is added.
New leagues: Al Kuwayt, Angola, Bangladesh, Crna Gora; Srbija i Crna Gora will be renamed into Srbija.
2007: For a long time, youth academy players were displayed in black and white

Season 31

(2006 Dec. 03)
Achievements are added (and sold like yet another career possibility).
New leagues: Al Yaman and Oman.


Season 32

(2007 March 25)
Youth academies were introduced.
2007: Hattrick 10th birthday! - from homepage crest
2007: Anniversary T-shirt for sale - from Shop

Season 33

(2007 July 15)
Player birthdays are individual. Previously all players had their birthday the same day (in the end of the season). Now all players have their birthday on one of the 112 days of the season.
League extensions up to 10 levels: Polska, Portugal.
New leagues: Ghana, Moçambique, Negara Brunei Darussalam and Prateh Kampuchea.

Season 34

(2007 Nov. 04)
FYR Macedonia renamed to Makedonija.
New leagues: Benin and Suriyah.


Season 35

(2008 Feb. 24)
The new match engine is introduced for the regular matches.
fan expectations for a match and the season were introduced.
Uman renamed to Oman.
New leagues: Dawlat Qatar and Tanzania.
2008: Match of the season, the board game version of Hattrick arrives to the shop
2008: New Faces!
...visible only to supporters

Season 36

(2008 June 15)
League extensions up to 11 levels: Italia
New leagues: Republic of Uganda and Dhivehi Raajjeyge Jumhooriyyaa.

Season 37

(2008 Oct. 05)
The new design was launched (with dotnetification of the site).
New avatar's design for managers (later visible for everyone).
Indirect free kicks available as new match feature.
Goalkeepers need set pieces to save free kicks, but can no longer be your set pieces taker.
Play creatively tactic was made more efficient.


Season 38

(2009 Jan. 25)
Conditional substitutions were introduced.
Supporters could draw their own avatars.
Long shot tactics was introduced.
Head to head for supporters (later free for everyone).
Transfer market regulation; you can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team.
Squad limit of 50 players.
2009: Hattrick stage allow user to test the incoming features before introduction
2009: Driven by a completely redesigned site, a lot of new features sprout, such as the group photo for club
2009-2010: Another idea inspired by the site's new design: Hatsticks Official Sticker Album combined with three World Cup editions

Season 39

(2009 May 18)
More accurate match rating including the full effect from confidence, confusion and pulling back.
The team confidence effect was lowered.
A new HT-Live with Re-live was introduced.
The possibility of managing your team by SMS was removed.
For added security, from now users are able to have a login name different from their nickname.

Season 40

(2009 Sept. 06)
Hattrick launched a Facebook application.
Managers can list their favourite teams with a small new feature.
All bot teams from level six and below started to demote to the lowest division at season's end (and teams with active managers started taking their places to spice up the competition).

Season 41

(2009 Dec. 28)
The distribution of basic chances in the game engine is changed, making some chances exclusive for each team, to improve the balance and reduce the variance in the game. This also enabled a better handling of the counterattack and pressing tactics.


Season 42

(2010 April 19)
A new match engine that is not based on 4-4-2 and can handle all formations without having to reposition players.
New regular chances distribution system.
2010: An example of match report

Season 43

(2010 Aug. 09)
Faster training on many skill levels, but also slower on high levels.
End to longer injuries: when a player gets injured, +4 is now the longest the injury will be.

Season 44

(2010 Nov. 29)
General (form) training type is removed.


Season 45

(2011 March 21)
Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Cuba and Palestine are new members of the Hattrick family, now grown to 128 Coutries!
2011: A crusade against traders? new loyalty skill increases performance of a settled player

Season 46

(2011 July 11)
Match order form is improved with a rating predictor.
Letting two players swap positions on the pitch also becomes possible.
All users get access to the basic training report.

Season 47

(2011 Oct. 31)
The loyalty makes perform better the players in your team for a long time.


Season 48

(2012 Feb. 20)
Hattrick joins Zattika.
Hattrick Tournaments.
2012: Tournaments, a new and apart from leagues alternative competition system

Season 49

(2012 June 11)
New Hattrick Manager License Challenge.

Season 50

(2012 Oct. 01)
Autobidding for transfer market.
Offerwalls made possibile to earn reward points to get Supporter and Credits without having to spend real life money.


Season 51

(2013 Jan. 21)
Hattrick Supporter Platinum, Gold and Silver.
2013: CHPP applications are allowed again after a very long stop

Season 52

(2013 May 13)
An alternative competition with a faster pace for those who want more action: Ladders
Zattika sells Hattrick back to the old owners.

Season 53

(2013 Sept. 02)
The community in the anniversary vote requested and gets to dismantle the Golden Goal rule.
Youth teams will no longer have a week off during the senior teams' season break.

Season 54

(2013 Dec. 23)
CHPP applications are allowed again.
New Ladders for Federations tournaments.


Season 55

(2014 April 14)
Supporters can now play in more than one league at a time, with no limitation to their own national league.
New staff system.
Injury history of your players.
Introduction of the season friendlies (no more training advantage for teams playing qualification matches). More play-offs and play-outs added in the lower divisions to make more matches matter for a longer period during the season.
2014: After years of waiting, a long announced new staff system is reality

Season 56

(2014 Aug. 04)
Cup system was redesigned and Divisional Cups were added to let more lower divisions teams enjoy the experience of a meaningful cup run.
Increased the prize money for winning the league and also prizes at earlier stages of the Cup.

Season 57

(2014 Nov. 24)
New mobile web and redesigned iPhone and Android apps.


Season 58

(2015 March 16)
Confidence was revised .
The training penalty for walkover was removed.
2016: You can now chat in a new way

Season 59

(2015 July 06)
From now on, Match report showed all chances in the games after they have been played.
Chat with members of series, within match opponents or in a federation.

Season 60

(2015 Oct. 26)
Staff system got an update and contracts from for staff members.
At last, HT-Time is abandoned and now you can choose your time zone and finally being able to follow your matches without having to calculate how much time difference there is with where you live and Central Europe.


Season 61

(2016 Feb. 15)
Players and reports show levels above "divine".
The mentor system is improved to make the experience even better for mentors and mentees.
2016: New Live Viewer

Season 62

(2016 June 06)
New Live Viewer (also added a chat) provides interesting and updated stats during the match.
With the Team Analysis tool, you can quickly analyse the previous matches of your upcoming opponents.

Season 63

(2016 Sept. 23)
Match Replay.
Improvements to youth team, such as the training results available immediately. Scouts no longer present you 17 years old talents in youth academy or 19 year old players in scouting network.


Season 64

(2017 Jan. 16)
Hattrick International, a whole new league for supporters! (The first champions will crown themselves in some 6 seasons time).
2017: 20 years of Hattrick! Official crest from login page

Season 65

(2017 May 08)
Match order page with new visual design and a lot of new functionality (such as being allowed to bench 7 substitutes) to help setting up a good lineup.

Season 66

(2017 Aug. 28)
Introduced Generation Trophies, an international competition where managers face off against other teams that got started in around the same time.
New training page was launched, giving better planning tools and more detail about what factors impact training.

Season 67

(2017 Dec. 16)
New thumbwork for Specialties & Special Events: the key points of the change is a new, more transparent way to generate Special Events, big tweaks to the effects of all current specialties, two new unique player roles (Sitting Midfielder & Power Forward) and, finally, the introduction of completely new speciality.
A new individual order: Man Marking.


Seasons 68, 69, 70

Instant matches were introduced.
Updates to Transfer compare, Transfer hotlists, Team of the Week.
New leagues added to Hattrick for the first time in 7 years! The island nations of Comores, Curaçao, Guam, Sri Lanka and São Tomé e Príncipe.
201: Team of the Week was an old feature already present on alltid site before merging with the game


Seasons 71, 72, 73

Division Battle (new tournament type).
With Tryouts you can see how a player will perform in the lineup simulator before deciding to add the player to your team.
The series table gets a new and improved look.
The match commentator's gives more information during the match
The minimum stamina training allowed has increased from 5% to 10%.
National Teams welcome training pages and Assistant Coaches.
New leagues added: Ethiopia and Congo joining Hattrick in season 72.
2019: National Team's staff finally get an official page after 18 years as secret spies


Season 74, 75, 76

Managers who want a more realistic-look can now select a new set of faces for their players.
New leagues added: Bostwana, Madagascar, Belize and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines joining Hattrick in season 75.
2020: More realistic-look for players

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