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The global tracker is a CHPP tool. It gives the countries a possibility to keep track of players that are interesting for one or both if their national teams. The global tracker nearly works like all other tracking tools, but there is one significant difference. It can be used by any country and thus multiple countries are using it at the same time. A national coach or U-20 national coach can get access to the players of his own National team or U-20 national team.

There can be only one tracker that gets granted the status of global tracker at the same time. For a long time, five years actually, the NT-database offered by Georgious (117160) from Bulgaria had this status. Unfortunately he wrote himself that "I do not have enough time to take care of the project any longer" on the 27th of September 2008[1]. Some days later, on the 3rd of October, CHPP-Alf stated on the Global (English) conference that "we have decided to grant llankru Global NT/U20 Tracker a global CHPP licence"[2]. This officially ended the era of NT-database. llankru's Global NT/U20 Tracker became the new official global tracker, until June 2009.

The current global tracker is maintained by Topgodo as the NEW GLOBAL NT/U20 SCOUT-DB

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