Goalkeeping training

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Goalkeeping training trains goalkeepers only, in their goalkeeping skill. Roughly 6% of the Hattrick population trains goalkeeping.


  • Incredibly simple, as there are no secondaries to consider
  • Very low start up costs
  • Flexibility of formation
  • Goalkeeper is one of the most important positions on the field
  • A good option for people with limited time
  • Enables a manager to use a very small squad, with the low wages that entails
  • Short-term injuries may be partly compensated for by skilltrading
  • Fast training (5 weeks per pop) means rapid improvement in defence ratings


  • All outfield upgrades must be paid for, as team does not improve through training
  • Injury problems are more damaging than with any other type of training
  • Goalkeepers gain less value through training (in proportion to the number of trainees) than most other types of trainees
  • Young goalkeeper have not got yet enough exprience, and this might cause some problem in important games