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USA Greenpoint United (223196)
managed by ZorroCat
Full Name Greenpoint United Football Club
Nickname The Growlers
Founded February 29, 2012 (Season 48)
Location New York City, USA
Arena Monitor Park
Coach Lei Qibiao (250541850)
League IV.14
updated on: July 23, 2014

Greenpoint United Football Club is a Hattrick team located in Brooklyn, in the New York City region of the United States. Founded in Week 2 of Season 48, the Growlers won a Division VI series title and promotion qualifier in their inaugural season, then successfully avoided relegation from Division V in their second and third years by winning their qualifiers. In their fourth and fifth seasons, Greenpoint finished in the top four, and in their sixth season, the Growlers clinched their first Division V title with one game to spare. The club won its second Division V title in its seventh season and earned automatic promotion to Division IV, where they finished third. In eight seasons, the club has never suffered relegation.

The club plays their home games at Monitor Park, named after the USS Monitor warship, whose hull was built in Greenpoint. The ship was launched from the Greenpoint waterfront on January 30, 1862 at the site where the stadium sits today.


For a comprehensive list of match results, see Greenpoint United F.C./Matches

Season 48

"Greenpoint free kick, about 25 yards out. It'll be Silver to take... Joffre SILVEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR! It's a golden goal for Silver! And Greenpoint United are promoted to Division Five!"
--Brian Woodham, broadcasting Greenpoint's Season 48 promotion qualifier victory.

Division VI.PNG

In February of 2012, an informal club of players in Greenpoint, Brooklyn began searching for an ownership group so that they may begin playing matches professionally in the Hattrick system. By the end of the month, the rights to the group was purchased by ZorroCat Holdings, LLC; this was the first necessary step in the club's genesis. Now with an owner, the club simply had to combine with an abandoned club already in the Hattrick system to begin playing matches. On Leap Day, February 29, ZorroCat Holdings announced it had merged with the California based bot club Vazquez19, playing in series VI.495. The bot club was transferred to the ownership group and Greenpoint United (so named due to the combining of the informal club and the bot club) officially joined the Hattrick system. As per Hattrick rules, the bot players on the Vazquez19 squad did not make the transfer.

That night, Monitor Park hosted it's first official Hattrick match, a friendly between Greenpoint United and also newly formed Rom's Ruffians. Despite leading 2-0 early, the Growlers collapsed and lost 4-3. The Growlers soon lost their very first league match as well, 2-1, to Xolotowers.

It looked like Greenpoint was destined for another season in VI.495 after two wins and another road loss to league leading River Valley left them at 2-2 on the year (plus a win from Vazquez19's week one match.) However, luck with on Greenpoint's side. River Valley went bot after week seven and Xolotowers went ownerless after week eight. From this point forward, Greenpoint rattled off a nine game winning streak in the league to end the regular season, keeping nine clean sheets in the process and outscoring their opponents 63-0. The Growlers finished with 36 points, enough for a first place tie, allowing them to clinch the title on goal difference to earn a promotion qualifier.

Greenpoint did not expect to perform well in the qualifier, against St. Louis Bombers, and indeed, the home side scored first in the 21st minute. This goal snapped Greenpoint's streak of 850 competitive minutes without a goal against. The Growlers, however, were level just 11 minutes later. After 90 minutes, the match was still 1-1, bringing about extra time, during which Joffre Silver banged in a free kick from 25 yards out to give Greenpoint the shock 2-1 victory and promotion to the fifth tier after the club's first season.

Season 49

"Scheuzger's free kick is a slide rule pass out wide for Baron... Anthony Baron with the cross, unmarked, it's BASSORICCI! It's 2-0 to Greenpoint in the 84th minute! Anthony Bassoricci! And the Growlers are now surely safe from the automatic drop!"
--Brian Woodham, calling Greenpoint's second goal in a Week 13 win over Bergenfield which mathematically clinched 6th place.

The Growlers opened Season 49 with their first ever cup tie under current ownership, resulting in an 8-0 victory over the bot Loco Soccer. Joffre Silver added another huge goal to his career at the following weekend, scoring the equalizer against Bluesters United in a 2-2 draw that saw Greenpoint open life in Division V with a point.

From there, however, Greenpoint crashed out of the second round of the cup, then picked up just one win from the following eight matches, making automatic relegation look like a near certainty. That is, until a surprise 1-0 home victory against West Lafayette Griffins gave the Growlers a glimmer of hope and a bump up to sixth in the table. A road loss in a relegation six-pointer the following week set Greenpoint back a bit, but at that stage in the season, all the Growlers needed to secure sixth was a win against Bergenfield Fire in Week 13 and for the rest of the matches to that point to go according to plan.

Luck was on Greenpoint's side in many ways. The other matches did indeed avoid the Hattrick Random Factor and go according to plan. The Growlers did get that victory over Bergenfield, 2-0, to lock up sixth place with a week to play. And, in their qualifier, they were paired against a Division VI side that had just started, GI Islanders. Greenpoint won easily, 7-0, to secure a second consecutive season in V.254.

Season 50

"Tamburrini taps it into space and there's Saemundsson... Orn Saemundsson with a burst of speed, gets around Rapisarda, Orn SAEMUNDSSON, DO YOU BELIEVE THIS! IT'S TWO-TWO! From nothing, Greenpoint equalizes against the league leaders! The plot twists again."
--Brian Woodham, calling Greenpoint's equalizer in their shock 2-2 draw against eventual league champion, The Young Chemists.

Greenpoint United entered Season 50 with their goal the same as in Season 49; to avoid relegation. To that end, their 2-0 opening week victory over West Lafayette, on the road, provided a massive amount of hope. The existence of a bot in the series has helped matters as well. In addition, the club advanced to Round 3 of the U.S. Open Cup for the first time in the club's history before bowing out to Blue_Thunder 3-0.

A few moderate hiccups, including a 3-3 draw on the road in a relegation six-pointer against St. Louis Ambush coupled with an Ambush win over the league leading Young Chemists meant Greenpoint were staring automatic relegation in the face. A pair of 10-0 victories of bot side F.C. Wildlings meant the Growlers were back on track. A surprise 2-2 draw against the Chemists coupled with a 3-0 home victory over Ambush meant the Growlers were safe from auto-relegation with two weeks to spare. The Growlers went on to defeat Band Camp in their qualifier, 7-0.

Season 51

"Free kick for Greenpoint from about 35 yards, Baron will take it quickly, AND IT'S IN! Another for Greenpoint! Incredible, it is TWELVE to NIL."
--Brian Woodham, calling the Growlers' 12th goal in a record victory against Boise State.

The Young Chemists promoted automatically from V.254 and were replaced by a bot side, Will Play For Beer. This, in addition to a new side, Boise State F.C. earning promotion from the sixth tier, meant that Greenpoint were almost assured of avoiding automatic relegation fairly early in the season. A 5-0 road victory in Boise in the season's second week made that even more likely.

A stunning 1-0 road win at Terrapin FC in week three put Greenpoint into second place for the first time in club history. Successive wins over Bluesters, Devil Dolphins, and the bot Will Play For Beer kept the Growlers in second up through the halfway point of the season, when they struggled in back-to-back matches against Bree Prancing Ponies, the odds on favorite to promote to IV automatically. Greenpoint bounced back, winning the return fixtures against Bluesters, Devil Dolphins, and Will Play For Beer, and ultimately finished in a surprising second place.

Greenpoint, for the second straight year, advanced to the third round of the U.S. Open Cup. Despite leading 2-0 against fourth tier side Golden Hero, the visitors came back to force extra time, before the Growlers were eliminated with a 98th minute golden goal.

Season 52

"Fell winds up from distance, it takes a wild HOP and OH MY, it's in behind Buhot. 2-1 Devil Dolphins in the 84th as Regino Fell hits the net from 40 yards out and it's heartbreak for Greenpoint."
--Brian Woodham, calling Greenpoint's tough to swallow 2-1 road loss to Dolphins halfway through the season.


Season 53

"Monitor is truly shaking now as Greenpoint bounds forward again. Top of the box, QUINIOU! From two-nil up to four-two down to six-four up! And it's BEDLAM AT MONITOR!"
--Brian Woodham, calling Greenpoint's last goal in a wild 6-4 season opening win over Terrapin.

Division V.PNG


Season 54

"It careens around again to Lei, and IT'S ANOTHER! The Hammer from Hong Kong, with a hat trick in THREE MINUTES' TIME! FIVE-NIL GREENPOINT in 41 minutes! And the Growlers are walking their way to a second Division Five title in style!"
--Brian Woodham, calling Lei Qibiao's first half hat trick, the second consecutive season he performed the feat in a division title clinching match.


Season 55

"Corner to Greenpoint, their sixth of the match. Lima to take, it's an outswinger for SOSA! VINNIE SOSA! GREENPOINT ARE LEVEL, 12 minutes from time!"
--Brian Woodham, calling Greenpoint's 1-1 draw against Wynne Wood Wyverns, which clinched a top four spot for the Growlers.



Unveiled during the course of the club's inaugural season, the Greenpoint United crest is a shield which features a profile outline of the USS Monitor warship in the top portion and the club's full name in the bottom portion.

The original shield did not contain the entire club's name, but merely said "G.U.F.C." This was changed to a logo featuring the full name for the end of Season 48. In Season 49, the font on the logo was changed to its current incarnation.

In Season 52, the club shield changed to celebrate the club's fifth season: the profile of the warship was changed to gold, the green and grey sections were switched, and a green "V" representing five years was placed in the logo's center. The club returned to their old logo in Season 53.

There are rumors the club will commemorate their tenth anniversary with another one-off logo in Season 57, though those rumors are unconfirmed.


223196 home.png
223196 awayS50.png

Since its February 2012 formation, Greenpoint United's official colors have been green and grey. They have worn a home kit with green as the base color plus three vertical grey stripes in each of the club's eight seasons to date. The home shorts have always been grey; the home socks have always been green.

The club's road kit in Season 48 featured three blue chevrons on a yellow jersey. In Season 49, the club switched the road kit to match the same stripes pattern as the home uniform. That year, the club's change kit featured a red base with three white stripes. On that kit, the shorts were white and the socks were red. In Season 50, the club maintained the stripes on the road kit, but reverted to the yellow base jersey with blue stripes, shown to the right. In Season 51, Greenpoint debuted an orange and black road kit. The change kit was gold and white in Season 52, light blue and black in Season 53, red and black in Season 54, and orange and white in Season 55.

Season 51 marked Greenpoint United's third and final season of a deal with nearby Brooklyn Brewery as the club's sponsor. The club then signed a long term deal with the shady HyperLuxe hotel chain for Season 52. After three years of sponsorship, HyperLuxe went out of business following Season 54 and Greenpoint announced a three-year sponsorship deal with Chase Bank starting in Season 55.

Season Home Colors Away Colors Sponsors
48 Green/Grey Yellow/Blue No Sponsor
49 Red/White Brooklyn Brewery
50 Yellow/Blue
51 Orange/Black
52 Gold/White HyperLuxe
53 Light Blue/Black
54 Red/Black
55 Orange/White Chase
56 TBD
57 TBD


Greenpoint have not spent more than six seasons in any one league, so have not developed any deep-seated rivalries in competitive fixtures. However, that has not stopped the Growlers from developing local rivalries:

The Foxmen

Since The Foxmen's inception in Season 49, the club has played an annual rivalry match with Greenpoint, called the ZorroFox Cup. Greenpoint United have won the title five times (needing a replay to do so after a draw in Season 53.) The Foxmen have won the cup twice. Greenpoint have won three straight titles.

Season Cup # Stadium Score Greenpoint Goals Foxmen Goals Match Report
49 I Foxmania W 4-1 Douksas, Lima, Cueva, Zhu Eggen (392738075)
50 II Monitor Park W 3-0 Tamburrini (2), Baumgardt-Wellander none (408206928)
51 III Foxmania L 2-3 Baumgardt-Wellander, Manuzzi Bordicio (2), Terry (423249107)
52 IV Monitor Park L 2-3 Lemos, Silver Eggen, Bordicio, Jungfernheide (438297786)
53 V Foxmania D 2-2 Benedek, Casillas Jungfernheide, Ellis (453133324)
Replay Heorot Stadium W 5-2 Saemundsson, Cotta Ramusino, Casillas (3) Terry, Bordicio Single match
54 VI Monitor Park W 3-0 Lei Qibiao, Saemundsson (2) none (467767455)
55 VII Foxmania W 2-1 Casillas (2) Mota (482343698)


Despite being owned by a corporation named ZorroCat Holdings, Greenpoint United's mascot is not a cat at all. Since the club's formation, the club's anthropomorphic mascot has been a West Highland White Terrier dog named Drunkles.

Drunkles wears a green and grey home kit with his name and the jersey number 88 on the back. He stumbles around Monitor Park with a growler of Brooklyn Brewery beer in his hand.

Despite the objections of local parents, children still seem to love Drunkles because he's a giant puppy and they don't know any better.

Monitor Park

Monitor Park Icon-qualification-game.png
Monitor Park
Last Rebuild April 16, 2014
Terraces 23,753
Basic 9,515
Roof 5,799
VIP 933
Capacity 40,000

Monitor Park has been Greenpoint United's home field for their entire existence. As of Season 55, its capacity is 40,000.

On the banks of the East River at the Bushwick Inlet in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, Monitor Park sits on the exact site where the USS Monitor was launched in 1862. The stadium features beautiful views of Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building from its location on the banks of the East River.

Outside of the stadium's entrance sits a bronze model of the USS Monitor ship, honoring those who fought in the Civil War.

In terms of subway travel to the stadium, it is a 10 minute walk from the G train at Nassau Avenue and a 15 minute walk from the L train at Bedford Avenue.

Fan Club

As of July 23, 2014, there are officially 2,513 members of the club's Green and Grey Army.

Statistics and Records


Current Squad

Nat. Num. Player Pos. Birthplace
France 1 Luc Buhot Ht star.png GK Versailles, France
USA 2 Facundo Lemos Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png WB Long Beach, California
Hong Kong 3 / C 雷 (Lei) 齊標 (Qibiao) Ht star.png WB Hong Kong
Germany 4 Gert "The Hurt" Hardy Ht star.png IM Hanover, Germany
USA 5 Vinnie Sosa Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png WB Yuma, Arizona
Denmark 6 Tobias Adserballe Ht star.png CB Tasiilaq, Greenland
Italy 7 Matteo Lima Ht star.png IM Genoa, Italy
France 8 Simon Quiniou Ht star.png WB Clermont-Ferrand, France
USA 9 Evan "Shoeless" Mobareki Ht star.png FW St. Paul, Minnesota
USA 10 Anthony Baron Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png W Brooklyn, New York
USA 11 Joffre Silver Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png W Las Cruces, New Mexico
Netherlands 12 Gyde Boldewijn Ht star.png IM Utrecht, Netherlands
Germany 14 Thewes Naßwetter Ht star.png W Hanover, Germany
USA 15 Mahavir Sharma Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png W Berkeley, California
USA 16 Marcelino Dominguez Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png W Cape Coral, Florida
Poland 17 Slawomir Niemczak Ht star.png IM Warsaw, Poland
Belgium 18 Christof "VDHW" Vandenherreweghe Ht star.png CB Antwerp, Belgium
Iceland 19 Orn Saemundsson Ht star.png FW Kopavogur, Iceland
Hungary 20 Tibor Benedek Ht star.png CB Budapest, Hungary
Italy 21 Emiliano Brunetti Ht star.png GK Brescia, Italy
USA 22 Albert Steen Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png WB Missoula, Montana
Italy 23 Fabrizio Cotta Ramusino Ht star.png FW Ancona, Italy
USA 25 Phillip Casillas Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png FW Oceanside, California
Romania 26 Oliviu Plugaru Ht star.png CD Braila, Romania
USA 27 Emmanuel "Chappy" Chiappe Loyaltybonus.png Ht star.png W Houston, Texas
USA 30 Ricky Cheuk Ht star.png CD Casper, Wyoming
Norway 99 Kenneth "Thor" Thorsen Ht star.png GK Årnes, Norway


  • League Championships
    • Division V: Season 53, Season 54
    • Division VI: Season 48