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Guestbook before November 2008

The Guestbook is a feature available for Hattrick Supporters where they can leave a short message on the club page. This message is visible for everybody, in contrary to the private HT mail. Along with HT mail and press announcements it helps build the community.

Guestbooks can only be signed by supporters but the content of every guestbook is available for every user to see.

A guestbook message can contain up to 300 characters, though you may sometimes experience a minor Character counter in edit boxes. Since the update of the supporter package on the 17th of March 2009, guestbooks are subject to formatting with the Hattrick markup language, HT-ML.

You can search for usernames in a guestbook, then you can see all messages by that person. However it is not possible to search for a certain message number.

You can navigate though the guestbook by using the number buttons above the messages (as you can see in the image below). Each page contains 25 messages.

Screenshot2 Guestbook (New).PNG

As you can see it is also possible to comment the messages you get, a comment can contain also 300 characters and is written in italic below the original post. The other link allows you to go directly to that users guestbook to sign it.

The signing of numerous guestbooks by copy-pasting the same message is considered to be spam, and thus against the Hattrick rules.

Many people don't like friendly requests or federation advertisements in their guestbook.

Some people try to collect as many messages as possible. The largest guestbook in Hattrick is currently that of ATF-Jolien99, containing over 100,000 messages.

A highscore of the largest guestbooks can be found Here.

Hattrick Clubhouse also offered a guestbook feature for its users.