Guido Alvisi

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Guido Alvisi
Personal Information
Full Name Guido Alvisi
Country  Italia
Player ID (317899138)
TSI 82,360 (2/11/2012)
Position Inner Midfielder
Number 20
Youth Club
Season 43 Italy Paolo Belli Team
Senior Club
Season 43 Italy Paolo Belli Team 0(0)
Season 43 - 44 Austria SC Snipers 9(0)
Season 45 - USA LOAF'S LOAFS 104(31)

Guido Alvisi is an Italian inner midfielder/central defender currently playing for American team LOAF'S LOAFS. Guido was born to Stefano and Giovanna Zucco, father Stefano was a butcher and Giovanna a school teacher. Guido first touched a ball in his back yard, playing with older brothers Marcello and Massimo in their seaside home of Manfedonia, in the southern region of Puglia.

He is currently 23 years old.

Track his daily happenings here on twitter.

  • Hattricks: 0
No. Nat Pos Player Total Series Cup
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
20 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 114 31 94 27 20 4

Early Career

At the age of 15, Alvisi was given 2 options: Join the local youth team of Paolo Belli Team Jr. and start what seemed to be a promising career, or serve 85 hours of community service, shoveling horse manure at the local stable, due to a sexual harassment charge filed by his high school math teacher. Fortunately for all fans of the game, Guido chose the former option.

At PBT Jr., Guido played 2 1/2 season and 23 games, scoring 19 goals, but with 4 red card game-expulsions, as his temper was an obvious indication of rough waters ahead for such a talented young player

Transfer History

  • 30/3/2011 Paolo Belli Team -> SC Snipers $748,000
  • 1/6/2011 SC Snipers -> LOAF'S LOAFS $1,400,000


Alvisi was an integral part of what fans of LOAF'S LOAFS' "The Yeast Army" call The Golden Ages of their team's history, as money was flowing and the arrival of hot shot young players seemed to never end. Alvisi was the final player to arrive, yet the only one still on the team seasons later, as he was purchased for a whopping $1.4 million as an 18 year old. Guido has been a staple in the LL midfield, with 70 caps as of 27/8/2012.

Memorable moments

  • 28/08/2010 16:52 Was scouted and recruited by Mario Pesci for Paolo Belli Team Jr.
  • 27/3/2011 19:03 Was promoted from Paolo Belli Team's Youth academy at the age of 17


Season By Season (For LOAF'S only)

No. Nat Pos Player Total Series Cup
Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals
52 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 12 1 11 1 1 0
51 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 21 8 14 6 7 2
50 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 17 4 13 3 4 1
49 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 17 4 14 4 3 0
48 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 15 2 13 2 2 0
47 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 14 3 12 2 2 1
46 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 15 7 14 7 1 0
45 Italy IM Guido Alvisi 3 2 3 2 0 0


While only serving as a footnote in such a glorious career, Guido certainly has not shied away from the spotlight, and more times than not, this has been detrimental to his and the team's image.

Drug Problem

Since his arrival in the USA, Guido has been in and out of rehab attempting to conquer addiction to pain killers, apparently stemming from a longtime battle with hemorrhoids. Guido was suspended 3 games by the team after announcing in a press conference that he simply did rehab as mandated by the law "without any intentions of bettering myself or my image. Fuck everyone."


Guido has never actually showed up on time to practice. With his self-coined nickname "Wonderman," his urgency on and off the field has never been consistent, and on April 25th, 2012, an internal locker room scuffle over a late arrival with teammate Russ Fontaine led to a 7 game suspension with no pay, as well as $800,000 in medical bills after he broke Fontaine's nose with a close hanger and 3 golden rings.

Alvisi cites Allen Iverson as inspiration, despite never acknowledging why.

Side projects

The Jersey Shore

Guido appeared in 7 episodes in hit T.V. show 'The Jersey Shore,' in a recurring role as The Situation's drug dealer. Even though his face has been blurred in all episodes and he was never officially credited with the role, Alvisi announced himself on his blog that he would appear on T.V. as "an established businessman looking to jump-start a second career."

Rap Album "The Fuzz"

On August 17th, 2012, Guido released a studio-recorded, 12 track LP that received a lot of attention and criticism, none of which has been viewed as positive.

The Fuzz.jpg

With songs such as "Ain't no pay good enough for me" and "Just pass me the f***ing ball already," the locker room chemistry of LL was only set to grow even further apart. In its first week of sales, the record sold more than 100,000 copies and landed itself as Best Buy's "Minority Pick of the Week."