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History resume

In 2015 a group of managers were organizating HIFFA CONMEBOL Libertadores and HIFFA CONCACAF Liga de Campeones, In a virtual meeting founded HIFFA (Hattrick International Friendly Football Asociation).

The mission of HIFFA is managing cups by friendly format arround the world, to make communities into the hattrick conferences. The first step was create the Interamerican Cup, played for Libertadores and Concacaf Cup champions. After it in another meeting the memebers of the HIFFA organization decided create the HIFFA Club World Cup. To do it, the organization needed create new cups arround the continental zones. Asian champions league, African champions League, OFC Champions League and the Empereor Cup. In Europe zone a manager join to the HIFFA with his cup as a partner. The pseudo Champions League.

In december of 2016 the Club World Cup born, joining all champions and runners ups of all managed continental cups.

Staff Members

Current cups managed by HIFFA

Cups partners of HIFFA

HIFFA Tournaments
CONMEBOL Libertadores | HIFFA CONCACAF Liga de Campeones
Asian Champions League | African Champions League | OFC Champions League
HIFFA Club World Cup | HIFFA Goulf President Cup 2017 | HIFFA Interamerican Cup
Pseudo Champions League (HIFFA partners)