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HMEM (986846)
Managed by Beirut
Club information
LocationBeyrouth Lubnan
ArenaBourj Hammoud Municipality Stadium
Fan ClubHomenetmen

General Info

HMEM is a Lebanese Armenian soccer team.
The name HMEM comes from the abbreviated Armenian name of Homenetmen.
The team was created in 02/28/2007 and it is currently playing in II.3 in Lubnan.


Main Squad

The main team has players from different countries.
Most of the players are Lebanese.
The players are from:

Youth Squad

On 4 April 2007, HMEM announced the opening of their new youth academy which will base its objective on training youth players and preparing them for the main squad.
A new stadium, BH Youth Stadium, was developed for the youth team. The new stadium is very near to HMEM's arena.
The youth team will be participating in an international youth league (League of Youth) consisting of 8 teams from all around the world.


Both, the main and the youth stadiums.

Main Arena

Bourj Hammoud Municipality Stadium
  • Total capacity: 12000
  • Terraces: 8000
  • Basic seating: 3000
  • Seats under roof: 1000

The team has plans on improving the stadium.

Youth Arena

  • Total capacity: 300

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