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Björn is the chief designer of Hattrick and also the CEO of Extralives. His role is to overall manage game design issues and performance issues, and to balance the mix of new cool features with the old nostalgia. Other than that he's often seen at the theatre, mostly on stage.

As of early January 2007, Björn had ceased actively working on Hattrick, although he remains with Extralives. Björn used to run the Swedish team Menlösa IF, but abandoned it on December 4th 2007.

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Is HT-Bjorn still actively working on Hattrick?
I haven't seen him posting in the conference for a long time.

Nope, he's not and hasn't been for some time now. He left his role in Hattrick to other developers as he didn't feel the he had enough inspiration. But he's still around - he hasn't left the company.