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HT-Hasse is a member of the Hattrick Team. He is responsible for the cooperation with the Internet betting site etc.

His team is Headless Chickens FC in Sverige.

HT-Hasse is responsible for the most hilarious HT-quote ever.

Q: HT-Hasse, how do you feel about how Hattrick has progressed since it's early days? And do you feel that it will evolve as much in the future?

HT-Hasse: *lol* That is like asking me to explain the meaning of life or what to answer if a woman asks you "Do you think I should wear the blue dress or the red dress?".

In the first case I would answer "42" and in the second I would just run :-)

HarHar HT-Hasse, you crack me up sometimes!!! YOu should be known as Comedian-Hasse!!!