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"Hattrick announces", also know as HT-News or simply "News", are insights into updates written by the Hattrick Team and information on the development of Hattrick.

Together with the System Information they are used to give an overall picture on the status of the website.

A recent post is shown in My Office section of homepage, while old news can be accessed through the "View more" button in the "Hattrick announces" page (breadcrumb is "My Hattrick » News » Archive").

Notable posts

Here is a selection of notable official posts. They cover topics such as economics, match engine, new game features.


Back in 2000, HT-News and System Information were all mixed together. GM-Hans, the only game master at the time, handled it all for the first few years. The first archived message still remaining is dated 30/12/2000.

New features

Some new features have just been added to the site - you can now opt to delete all read messages older than a certain date from your mail box.

Also, a page has been added which describes which teams are currently best positioned from promotion (link to it from the league table table).

And, as you can see, improvements to the My Hattrick page that makes it possible for the game master to distinguish between messages in different languages...


Rules are now up!

The English version of the rules are now up.

If you have questions I can be contacted at the Hattrick message system with "GM-Hans" as the recepient or at gm-

Hattrick Forum in English

The Swedish language forum is wildly active, but we hope that the new meeting place for cosmopolitan Hattrick managers will be popular as well.

The address is You has to register as a Delphi user, but it´s worth it.


The Spanish crown has lost control over it´s holdings in the New World.

The Spanish league will from here on be known as La Primera Mexicana. However, industry insiders expect that a new Spanish league will be formed within the next few months.

International transfers

Buying and selling players through the transfer market is the key to long term success in Hattrick.

We've changed the policy on international transfers, and it is now fully legal (maybe even advisable!) to go out and buy players from abroad. The only limitation will be that foreign players will have a 20% higher salary starting next season.

It may not be obvious HOW to buy players from a foreign league. The players listed under Transfer is only the available players currently for sale in the league you are in right now. To look in foreign leagues, you first have to go to that league. Change league with the popup in the upper left corner. Then click Transfer in the menu. Remember, what you see in Hattrick is always based on in what league (ie country) you are currently in.


Please note that if you have any friends who wish to register they can NOT do so on the site.

The only way to apply for a team in the non-Swedish leagues is by e- mail. For England send an e-mail to gm- and for all other countries to

Allo Allo!

Yet again we have discovered a person

within the English league who had received his team after pretending to be English. He has now been kicked out. If you suspect that someone is not who he is pretending to be or cheating in any other way e-mail You don't have to prove anything. That is my problem :-)

New Supporter version

Now we are releasing several completely new features for the Hattrick Supporter service.

Match kit design, Press Announcements, improved statistical functions, the Trophy Case - as well as a brand new Federation feature, allowing users to form their own private organizations. Check it out, more info can be found on the Supporter info pages!

Stadium compensation

We've finally come to a decision on the stadium issue and how to give compensation to those who got too small stadium.

You can read a much more elaborate explanation on the ruling here. Basically, it says that those who got the smaller stadiums will get 250 000 US$ in extra income this week.

Future teams will also get the smaller stadium plus an extra 250k US$ in startup cash.

New International Gamemasters

The Hattrick team is pleased to announce two star signings, namely the new Gamemasters George Shook (USA) and Luis Miranda (México).

This means that we now have Gamemasters that natively speak English and Spanish. George will go by the nick GM-George, and Luis by the name of GM-Zeuss.

We share your pain

At the name of all the Hattrick community, especially the Mexican players, we share the pain of the American people for the tragedy that shocked the world the last Tuesday; I pray for all the casualties in this terrorist attack.
- Luis Miranda

Partnership for Hattrick Software

We have a nice bit of news today: It is time to launch the Certified Hattrick Product Provider, our partnership program with independent developers of Hattrick software.

Our hope is that CHPP will spur new and improved applications, like "Hattrick Viewer" and "Absolut manager", the first products to be released. You will find more info on the products by clicking the new "Shop" link in the menu.

Announcing Hattrick 6

"Hattrick 6" is here!

A major upgrade with 4 new exciting features: National squads, international friendlies between clubs, capacity for a 7th (and 8th and 9th...) division in each league - and finally a whole new bunch of match events implementing player specialties and more. Read all about it in a (rather long) document called Welcome to Hattrick 6.


Euro is here!

Much of Europe has changed currency to the Euro from the old schillings, marks, lires and so forth.

And now Hattrick has switched currency for all thiose leagues. The currency rate in Hattrick for the Euro is 1:1 on the US$.

Elections finished

Triumphant speeches before a cheering crowd... The narrowly beaten congratulating (hopefully) the winner...

Yes, it is that day - the day when the national coach election results are revealed. You can now see the election results and the National Team coaches have gained the keys to their teams. However, we're not quite finished with the rules and will work hard to be so in the next few days. More information (if not all) will come during the Sunday about the National Teams.

TV-money to the clubs!

The Hattrick World Cup is coming up and the HT-World has signed a lifetime deal for TV rights.

This money will be divided evenly among all clubs - precisely 200.000 US$ (or whatever your currency) will be distributed to each club in a one- off payment. It has been added to your "Temporary income" column.