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"Hattrick announces" (also know as HT-News, "My Hattrick announcements" or simply "News") are insights into updates written by the Hattrick Team and information on the development of Hattrick.

Together with the System Information they are used to give an overall picture on the status of the website, but it has also taken on the role of space for editorials between 2000 and 2005 (and what would become the dev blog).

Hattrick announces
System Information page 15/06/2003
There is a new link, in the upper right corner of this page (My Hattrick) called System Information. Our intention is to publish more detailed information of current problems than we normally do on the My Hattrick page.

We want to keep My Hattrick reserved for somewhat more generally relevant and important info. For the System Information page though, we reserve the right to post some obscure bug and problem information when available.

Hattrick announces
Editorials 29/04/2005
From now on, there will be editorials written by HT-team members and published in a special page. The editorials will be about anything, like development, community, economics, etc. The editorials will be published irregularly.

The first one is available right now, in which HT-Jonas elaborates on the development-poll results.

Hattrick announces
Welcome inside our heads 26/08/2010
Today we open our dev blog! Here we will blog about our daily lives as Hattrick developers, what happens in the office, and share our thoughts with you. Read it at

The most recent post is shown in My Office section of homepage, while old news can be accessed through the "View more" button in the "Hattrick announces" page (breadcrumb is "My Hattrick » News » Archive").

Notable posts

Here is a selection of notable official posts. They cover topics such as economics, match engine, new game features.

The first archived message still remaining in archive is dated 30/12/2000.


Back in 2000, HT-News and System Information were all mixed together. GM-Hans, the only game master at the time, handled it all for the first few years.

New features

Some new features have just been added to the site - you can now opt to delete all read messages older than a certain date from your mail box.

Also, a page has been added which describes which teams are currently best positioned from promotion (link to it from the league table table).

And, as you can see, improvements to the My Hattrick page that makes it possible for the game master to distinguish between messages in different languages...


Rules are now up!

The English version of the rules are now up.

If you have questions I can be contacted at the Hattrick message system with "GM-Hans" as the recepient or at gm-

Hattrick Forum in English

The Swedish language forum is wildly active, but we hope that the new meeting place for cosmopolitan Hattrick managers will be popular as well.

The address is You has to register as a Delphi user, but it´s worth it.


The Spanish crown has lost control over it´s holdings in the New World.

The Spanish league will from here on be known as La Primera Mexicana. However, industry insiders expect that a new Spanish league will be formed within the next few months.

International transfers

Buying and selling players through the transfer market is the key to long term success in Hattrick.

We've changed the policy on international transfers, and it is now fully legal (maybe even advisable!) to go out and buy players from abroad. The only limitation will be that foreign players will have a 20% higher salary starting next season.

It may not be obvious HOW to buy players from a foreign league. The players listed under Transfer is only the available players currently for sale in the league you are in right now. To look in foreign leagues, you first have to go to that league. Change league with the popup in the upper left corner. Then click Transfer in the menu. Remember, what you see in Hattrick is always based on in what league (ie country) you are currently in.


Please note that if you have any friends who wish to register they can NOT do so on the site.

The only way to apply for a team in the non-Swedish leagues is by e- mail. For England send an e-mail to gm- and for all other countries to

Allo Allo!

Yet again we have discovered a person

within the English league who had received his team after pretending to be English. He has now been kicked out. If you suspect that someone is not who he is pretending to be or cheating in any other way e-mail You don't have to prove anything. That is my problem :-)

New Supporter version

Now we are releasing several completely new features for the Hattrick Supporter service.

Match kit design, Press Announcements, improved statistical functions, the Trophy Case - as well as a brand new Federation feature, allowing users to form their own private organizations. Check it out, more info can be found on the Supporter info pages!

Stadium compensation

We've finally come to a decision on the stadium issue and how to give compensation to those who got too small stadium.

You can read a much more elaborate explanation on the ruling here. Basically, it says that those who got the smaller stadiums will get 250 000 US$ in extra income this week.

Future teams will also get the smaller stadium plus an extra 250k US$ in startup cash.

New International Gamemasters

The Hattrick team is pleased to announce two star signings, namely the new Gamemasters George Shook (USA) and Luis Miranda (México).

This means that we now have Gamemasters that natively speak English and Spanish. George will go by the nick GM-George, and Luis by the name of GM-Zeuss.

We share your pain

At the name of all the Hattrick community, especially the Mexican players, we share the pain of the American people for the tragedy that shocked the world the last Tuesday; I pray for all the casualties in this terrorist attack.
- Luis Miranda

Announcing Hattrick 6

"Hattrick 6" is here!

A major upgrade with 4 new exciting features: National squads, international friendlies between clubs, capacity for a 7th (and 8th and 9th...) division in each league - and finally a whole new bunch of match events implementing player specialties and more. Read all about it in a (rather long) document called Welcome to Hattrick 6.


Euro is here!

Much of Europe has changed currency to the Euro from the old schillings, marks, lires and so forth.

And now Hattrick has switched currency for all thiose leagues. The currency rate in Hattrick for the Euro is 1:1 on the US$.

Elections finished

Triumphant speeches before a cheering crowd... The narrowly beaten congratulating (hopefully) the winner...

Yes, it is that day - the day when the national coach election results are revealed. You can now see the election results and the National Team coaches have gained the keys to their teams. However, we're not quite finished with the rules and will work hard to be so in the next few days. More information (if not all) will come during the Sunday about the National Teams.

TV-money to the clubs!

The Hattrick World Cup is coming up and the HT-World has signed a lifetime deal for TV rights.

This money will be divided evenly among all clubs - precisely 200.000 US$ (or whatever your currency) will be distributed to each club in a one- off payment. It has been added to your "Temporary income" column.

The Economy Council

We have summoned an economy council and will soon begin our work.

The council will initially consist of 6 members, and we will also be in close contact with some GM's outside Sweden (mostly GM-George, GM-Etienne and GM- Hans) to collect their thoughts.

The economy council members are: Krister Sund, Knusper Rovers (div IV) Fredrik Knutzen, Quatro Staggione AC (div II) Magnus Wikström, Lillgumhamn FC (div V).

Top players in cheating teams

Our GMs are gearing up their efforts to rid the game of cheating and a lot of teams have been locked.

All players in these teams would eventually become deleted and this would have unrealistic consequences for the national teams. Therefore, any player who is part of a national team and whose club owner quits Hattrick or gets kicked out by GMs, can be transferlisted at a starting price of 0 $ by the National (or U20) Coach (money still goes to the closed club).

National Teams now in menu

With the Hattrick World Cup now over, the World Cup site has consequently been dismantled.

But we've added a new feature labelled "World Cup" in the main menu. It contains all the information about National Teams previously available on the WC site, plus full coverage of the U-20 teams.

Mobile payments

Many users have requested additional payment options for the Hattrick Shop.

Now we can offer one such alternative, namely the Paybox system for mobile payments. It is available for residents of Germany, the UK, Austria, Spain and Sweden. Once you sign up for the service, you can make secure payments on many sites and the money will be deducted directly from your bank account. Read more about Paybox inside the Shop.

Launching: SMS Tracking!

We're now launching a brand new SMS service: Tracking.

And it works for virtually all GSM operators (most of Europe and much of Asia, but generally not in North America). You can order match tracking and get instant notification whenever goals and other important events happen. And you can order transfer tracking for a player - you then get an SMS as soon as someone bids for him.

Shaping up on how we close the site

Many users have been frustrated recently with the site closing without warning.

Even if the closings are normally very brief, we fully understand that you find this unacceptable. Although there may still sometimes happen closings that cannot be predicted, we can still improve a lot on how we inform. From now on we will clearly inform under My Hattrick of all planned/predicted closings of the site. Also, we pledge to improve how we handle extension of transfer deadlines when the site is down.


Language Administrators

With 7 languages active, our Language Administrators (LangAdmins) are an important part of Hattrick.

They are users who manage the translation on a voluntary basis, a bit like a GM manages the GM duties. To clarify their role, they are henceforth named with a LA- prefix to their username. Thus, we now have the following official Hattrick prefixes:

  • HT- for a member of the HT-Team
  • GM- for a Game Master
  • MOD- for Conference moderators
  • LA- for LangAdmins.

We're back!

The package has been delivered. Hattrick has got a new home and the icy Swedish winter roads didn't cause any problems... ;) Faster connection, improved security and reliability, more space and easier access for ourselves in the new server hall. And some other advantages. Nothing you will notice, but this way we are safer for the future. The change of IP-numbers went acceptably smooth (some confusion during the weekend, but this is hard to avoid completely).

New Ads system

Today we've launched a new Ads system. This system will replace the Player Transfer-forum and Friendly Games-forum as the place to search for and advertise players and friendly games. You can find the link in the menu (Community).

The gain of this change is two-fold: It will ease the workload for our conference moderators, and will take some load off the conference server.

We're currently removing the old data that belonged to Player Transfer and Friendly Games from the conference. Due to the absurd amount of data that needs to be deleted, we must keep the conference down meanwhile.

AHP - Associated Hattrick Press

We're delighted to announce a new system for all the Hattrick newspapers out there! If a newspaper chooses to register on the site, it may publish short texts to promote articles in the newspaper. The news items will be published on the front page of Hattrick (league-wise), as well as on the news items-page. You can find the news items in the slightly re-made menu, community box->community->news items.

Swiss reach 10k

As the third Hattrick country in the world (after Sweden and Netherlands), Schweiz (Switzerland) yesterday broke through the 10,000 users barrier. In an exceptionally fast growth, the league has doubled in less than 6 weeks and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Around the world, there are now 136,000 active Hattrick users. Welcome to all the new ones out there!

Changes in conf-system

We've added a new type of conference today: language-specific. In these conferences, you can speak about hattrick, on the language specified. Today we've added English, Espanol, German and French. You can join via the forum-references, as always.

This also means that the Global conference still is English only.

New tactics now available

From next week's friendlies on, you are able to use the new match tactics which were initially mentioned in the Hattrick 6.5 document. This is a beta release only available for friendlies.

The full description of the 4 new tactics (Pressing, CA, AIM, AOW) is now available. Please note that there have been a couple of changes since these tactics were first mentioned in the HT 6.5 document. For instance, "Destructive" does not exist. Instead "Pressing" exists.

HT Live - brand new feature

The new season begins this week, and along with it comes a brand new feature within Hattrick: HT Live. HT Live is a built in way of following up to 10 matches while they are being played. It also adds an XML framework that will enable the CHPP developers to continue to develop even cooler match viewers.


Supporter Bonus

We would like to start 2004 by thanking all Supporters for making it possible to run this site. We realize that the downtime we had in December was frustrating for all users, but extra much so for Supporters who has actually contributed money to improve the site.

As a token of our gratitude, we have extended all Supporter subscriptions with one free week. Our aim for 2004 is to arrive at a new and much higher level of stability and performance. We hope for your continued support in the process.

Hattrick Betting Service

For years, the Hattrick community has offered various fantasy betting services. Today we can present a real one, in partnership with online betting company

Join the Hattrick Corner at Expekt, a fully-fledged sports betting service customized for the Hattrick users. You can place bets on football, hockey and all sorts of other sports - but also on a selection of Hattrick matches! Sign up today and place your bets for the Hattrick World Cup tomorrow!

Quarter of a million

Tonight, Hattrick reached 250 000 active users for the first time. That makes us more populous than about 50 nations on earth!

Let´s celebrate this landmark events by watching the four World Cup games scheduled for tonight at 20.00 HT: Romania-Scotland and the three derby games Danmark-Deutschland, Canada-USA and Sverige-Norge.

Divine Youthpull

It is a joyful and remarkable day in the historyof Hattrick! 08:25 this morning Hattrick Time the first (as far as we know) Hattrick baby was born! The happy parents Björn Tengman and Malin Olsson (users Legazy and maol44) met through Hattrick and are a couple since. This morning their daughter Miranda was born, in spite of the fact that youth pulls generally are not possible until Sunday in Sweden :-)

The Hattrick team sends our warmest congratulations to Björn, Malin and of course Miranda!

400,000 users!

We can now proudly announce the we recently broke the 400,000 user barrier! If the current growth rate continues it will only be a matter of months before half a million people World-Wide are playing Hattrick! Who would have believed that a few years ago?

The entire HT-staff would like to say thank you to each and everyone! You helped us make this happen.

Firing players limit

Unfortunately, there are still users whose teams get hacked. Some of them get their entire squad fired by the hacker. So we have made a change: It is now only possible to fire one player per 12 hours.

And remember: the best way to protect yourself from losing your team is to use a good password and a proper e-mail address that you check regularly. If you care about your Hattrick team, do not be careless with your account!


Two new training types

We are now adding two new training types:
  • Through passes which gives defenders and midfielders passing training. It is similar to "Short Passes", but this affects defenders and midfielders instead of forwards and midfielders, and it is 10-15% less effective (per position).
  • Defensive positions. This is another training type that affects defenders and midfielders, but this one gives them Defender skill training. Basically your players are trained in how to position themselves while the team is defending. Since you can train roughly twice as many players in defense with this type, compared to pure defense training, it is roughly half as effective per player.

The purpose of these two new types is to further facilitate training of secondary skills.

In addition to the two new training types mentioned below, we have also made the rarely used Shooting training about 25% more effective than before.

Happy Birthday, Hattrick!

On August 30, 1997, the first-ever season of Hattrick kicked off. Eight years later the competition still goes on, but the original 16 has become a global community of 650,000 users. How quickly these web games grow up! On this special day, the HT team would humbly like to thank each and every one of you for being here and helping us make Hattrick the great game it is. Hurrah!

Arena Viewer

Expanding and refitting the arena has always been a great source of pride for Hattrick users. With our new feature for Supporters, you can now check out your arena visually as well. The Arena Viewer is a dynamic picture that will reflect your club colours, arena size as well as your architectural preferences. Please enjoy!

New Arena Viewer

Today we release a new version of the Arena Viewer. Where the old Viewer only let you choose between two fixed designs, the new Viewer lets you build and configure you own design with a multitude of building blocks. You can see an example here.

We want to thank our user Oxidus, who made the new version.

New training type: Wing attacks

We are now adding a new type of training: Wing attacks. This improves the winger skill of players that have played either as forward or winger during the week. Since you can then give more players winger training than with the classic Crossing (winger) training, the new Wing attacks training has a significantly smaller effect compared to the the classic Crossing (winger) training. This new training type is available right now.

Clarification 1: Wing-backs do not get any particular effect from this training. Clarification 2: It does not matter if the forward has played toward wing or not in the game. The individual order does not matter, only whether he has been forward/winger or not.


League Rank

There is a new piece of information on the team page, called League Rank. All teams with an owner are ranked within each country, based on their league position. The ranking is updated each week. This is the ranking mentioned in the editorial about the league reform next spring. This is not the cup rank.

The Hattrick Masters Draw

The draw for the first round of the Hattrick Masters will take place tomorrow, Monday, at 15:00 HT-time. Since we don't have enough teams to fill up the first round completely, some teams will be the lucky ones to enter the cup in the second round, thus not getting a match tomorrow.

The first round will be played at 20th February, 08:00.

New Hattrick Masters draw

Unfortunately we will have to make a new draw for the Hattrick Masters. This because some users suspected that the cup winners in five countries (Slovensko, Ukraina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Vietnam and Pakistan) were not included in the first draw as the cup season nr in these countries are not the same as the league season nr - and the users were indeed correct, thanks!

We're very annoyed that we missed this in the first draw, we were simply not aware of this fact. We discussed a couple of alternatives to fix this problem and came to the conclusion that the fairest way to solve this is to make a completely new draw. Our apologies to all affected users.

The new Hattrick Masters draw will be take place today at 15.00 HT time. For more info about the draw and Hattrick Masters, see older My Hattrick messages.

Open Forum Day

On Tuesday, it’s Open Forum Day in Hattrick. The Hattrick Team will spend the day in the forums, answering your questions about the game. We know there are many questions that circulate in the forums, and our hope is to be able to address many of them head-on. It could be clarification regarding recent changes to the game, ambiguities in the Rules or other questions that are not already answered on the site. We’ll start at 12.00 HT-time, just look for the Open Forum threads in Global. Oh, and one more thing: This is the first time we do this, and things may get very busy. We surely won’t be able to answer every question individually, but we’ll try to answer the most relevant and frequent ones. You can help us and yourself by preparing your question in advance, as this will make it easier to give you a valid and useful answer. See you on Tuesday!

Real World FC Hattrick

Many times Hattrick users have banded together to form real word football teams. In Denmark, this has been taken to a new level and two formal clubs have now been formed under the names "FC Hattrick Aarhus" and "FC Hattrick Copenhagen".

The teams are sponsored by and we will follow their results from time to time on the site. In fact, FC Hattrick Aarhus already today competes in a tournament to decide the best football supporter team in Denmark. Check out their sites for more information – and good luck from the HT community!

Now we are more than 800,000

We proudly announce the we broke the 800,000 user barrier last week. And as if that wasn't enough, we also set another record last week: The number of online users broke the 60,000 mark, and continued rising quickly. We eventually peaked at a fantastic 65,800 users.

We in the Hattrick Team would like to express our gratitude to all you users out there who made this happen!

Non-existent skills

To make it easier to understand exactly how bad your players are, we have re-added the value non-existent to the denomination scale at the rock bottom. A non-existent skill is exactly what it sounds like - non-existent. This will help you distinguish between really bad players and really really bad players.

Betting & Settings

Next week we will introduce a new betting partnership for Hattrick. Rather than just offering traditional real money bets, the new service lets you create your own betting communities, trying to predict Hattrick games as well as real sports games. The concept is quite unique, and in our opinion a lot more suitable for HT than our previous partnership as well. The new service will be launched league by league starting next week, and by registering through Hattrick there will be several nice bonuses available.

However, we are sensitive to the fact that some users simply don’t like betting. For this reason we added a new option to your Settings page, where you can choose not to receive betting information at all on HT. With this filter, any official betting ad or link on the site will be removed or replaced by something else. This setting will also be automatic in certain countries and for users that have registered on Hattrick as under 18 years of age.


Youth Academies for everyone tomorrow

Tomorrow (29th of March) morning at 08.00 HT time we will open up the Youth Academy for all Hattrickers!

Some performance problems on the site have kept us busy earlier this week, which unfortunately has forced us to push the introduction forward one day from what was originally planned.

More information about the youth academy can be found in the editorial section, the game rules, the FAQ and of course in the conferences. Have fun!

We want to give notice that we have started testing a new feature, planned substitutions. This feature will make its way into the youth academies by August at the latest, and after that also into the senior teams. Planned substitutions allows you to create rules before a match starts that will trigger substitutions as the match is played. For example, you will be able to test unproven players late in a match, to replace tired players with fresh ones, or to make an offensive change if a game is slipping out of your hands.

Substitutions will obviously affect the tactical planning for your team, but also how you build your squad in the future. Maybe you need a few more players to succeed in the league or cup, and maybe a greater versatility in the squad opens up more tactical choices when you plan substitutions?

This is why we give you a heads up, more information will of course be announced prior to the release.

Upcoming change: Stamina

As a result of introducing substitutions, stamina planning will come into more focus in the game and it is time to change the fact that today only playmakers really need stamina. For this reason, we want to announce that by the time substitutions reach the senior teams, stamina will be a skill that all player types benefit from. In fact, the whole stamina system will be redesigned to make this training type more realistic and fun to work with.

Individual player birthdays

Up until now all players have shared the same birthday. But just recently experts have found out a more correct way to measure players' age, which been proven with success for players in the youth team. Starting Wednesday July 11th this new way to measure age will also be used for senior players, meaning their exact age in both years and days will be shown.

According to the experts the mass birthday celebration is utterly wrong as all players do not share the same birthday. Players are a certain age and anything between 0 and 111 days as a Hattrick year is 112 days long. In practise this means that a player which normally would turn 23 years next season in fact is somewhere between 22 years, 57 days and 23 years, 56 days on Wednesday. So, some of your players are really younger than they look and some are older. Experts claim either way is just as likely, which by coincidence also makes this new way to measure age fair for all users.

Hattrick Newsletter

In a few weeks time, we will send you our first monthly Hattrick Newsletter to your e-mail address. The newsletter is translated into many Hattrick languages and contains articles about things like community events, interesting trends in the HT world, as well as personal reflections of the developers. If you want the newsletter, please make sure that your e-mail address is updated under Preferences. (This is a good idea anyway, since it is the only way we can send you your password if you forget it.) If you don't want to receive our newsletter, you can turn it off under Preferences > Other Preferences.

Have you ever wonder which team's logo is the best or what other people think about your own logo? Then you can definitely stop wondering as it is now possible to rate logos using the new logo rating feature!

Logo rating is found in the community menu. Using the logorating feature a random logo will be shown for you to rate, from 1-5 stars where 5 is the best. But watch out, it is highly addictive! The phrase 'I'm just going go rate another one' was often heard during our test period.

Having your own team logo is part of our Supporter package. Supporters who do not wish to show their rating can turn it off on the preference page.


Over 75 000 online users

The last couple of weeks have seen an increased amount of online users. In fact, it's been so many online users that our old record (71 000 users online at the same time) has been beaten twice lately: Two weeks ago there were almost 72 000 users and last Saturday more than 75 000 users were online at the same time - incredible!

In general almost 500 000 users log in to Hattrick every day, almost 800 000 log in every week.

New fans page

What do your fans expect from you next season? Do they think you should aim for the title, or do they consider every day in the series as a bonus?

The answer can now be found on the new fans page. On this page you will see everything related to fans: Fan club size, their mood, seasonal expectation and expectation before each match.

Fans expectations is a new feature for this coming season.

Finding a friendly just got a lot easier

Today we launch our new challenge feature, the friendly pool. The friendly pool will make it so much easier for you to get a friendly. The only one thing you have to do is to add yourself to the pool. The system will then automatically match you against another team, and book a friendly. You can choose to play an international match or against a team from your own country.

Supporters will not only be able to specify which league and division they want their opponent to play in. As a supporter you will also be able to browse the pool for available teams. Simply pick the opponent you fancy the most, finding the perfect friendly has never been easier.

10% more friendlies thanks to the pool

3 weeks ago we introduced the new easy way for you to find a friendly; the friendly pool. Since then there are around 10% more friendlies played in the Hattrick world compared to last season, and impressively 70% of all friendlies have been booked through the pool.

The friendly pool automatically matches teams and book them a friendly, the only one thing you need to do to is adding yourself to the pool. To do that, go the challenge page and look to the right.

Invite a friend to your series

If your team is playing in any of the two lowest divisions, you can now invite a friend who doesn't play Hattrick to your own series. Your friend will then replace a bot team in your series and spice up the competition!

You invite a friend to your series from your series page; check your series table for available invite slots. You can only invite one friend to your series, and the invitation is valid for 10 days.

This invite feature has been tested in Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands, and is now available for everyone. Only users in the two lowest divisions can invite a friend to their series, and there has to be an available slot (a bot team, without an active invite reservation) in the series. If you're not playing in the two lowest divisions you can still invite a friend (MyHattrick-->Invites), but not to your own series.

Match engine additions next season

Next season you will be able to use substitutions and a long shots tactic in your matches. These additions will increase your tactical options and also open up for new strategic choices.
  • Conditional substitutions have been used in the youth academies since June, and will now be available for senior teams. With substitutions you'll be able to make many of the moves a real football manager is able to. The only difference is that you have to plan ahead and decide your moves before the match starts. Read more about subs in the manual.
  • Long shots tactic trades side and middle attacks for long shots, quite similar to how attack in the middle/on the wings work. For successful long shots your players need both scoring and set pieces. You will be able to try long shots out in friendlies towards the end of this season, and you'll get more info about long shots then too.


Spain crosses the 100 000 border

This week Spain passed a huge milestone when the amount of active users went over the 100 000 mark - simply amazing! This means that around 10% of all Hattrick users are Spanish. Needless to say Spain is the biggest league in Hattrick, Italy is second with 88500 and Germany is third with 70000.

However, if you look at the total Spanish population only 0.22% plays Hattrick compared to almost 1% of the Liechtensteiners for example - so there's still room for more Spanish players. :) Faroe Islands is second on that list (0.85% of the population plays Hattrick) and in third place we have the Finns (0.6%).

New HT Live with Re-Live

People who don't play Hattrick may think it's a bit geeky; but sitting in front of the screen and watching your match live really spices up your game experience. We've now improved HT Live, and have added Re-Live to offer you live excitement even when you can't be online at match time.

The new HT Live reports each event with a timestamp and the newest event is displayed on top to reduce scrolling. In tabs to the right you can see the standings in all matches you've added, and any changes are highlighted so you'll never miss a goal.

With Re-Live you can see your match "live" even if it's already been played, just click the tape icon on your matches page. You can choose the speed you want to use (or even watch event for event) - pausing it whenever you need to get more snacks. And as you may also need more snacks when watching live, you can pause then as well - and use Re-Live to catch up.

Hattrick on Facebook

Hattrick's very own Facebook application is now live! With it, you can find out if any of your real life friends play Hattrick - and if they do, you can use the application to keep track of their progress. It's also a neat way to stay up to date with your own team when you are away from the Hattrick site, and to show off your Hattrick team to the world. We hope you like the new application, and that you can help us figure out new cool stuff we could add to it. By the way, we also have a new fan page for Hattrick where you can read news and take polls amongst other things.

What is your favourite team?

You can now show your support for your favourite football team(s) in real life on Hattrick. On the Real teams page you can become a fan of up to five teams, and the teams are then shown on your manager page. If your favourite team isn't found in our list, please contact your local GMs and they'll make sure to add it.

This little feature connects the Hattrick world with the real life football world, and we will see which teams have the most fans around the globe. There is a lot more you could add to this feature and it also opens up new exciting partner possibilities with partners from the real football world. But we start small and let it evolve from here.

2010 - Hattrick Mobile

Today we release a first version of our mobile site - Hattrick Mobile ( This first version has been kept very simple and includes a few basic features:

- A live page where you can follow your match live. - Read the report from your latest match (including the team ratings). - See your series table. - If you're a Supporter you can bid for players on the transfer market (but only for players you've already placed a bid on). - If you're a Supporter you can also change training.

We naturally plan to add more features in coming versions. For example, a match order interface is being worked on and is in the pipeline for the next version.

Hattrick Mobile is designed for modern mobile phones. Older and less advanced phones may not work fully, but Hattrick Mobile will at least be more suitable than the regular site.

A pinker Hattrick

We are happy to announce a partnership between Hattrick and the iconic Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the most widely circulated sports publication in the world. La Gazzetta will be our exclusive partner in Italy, promoting Hattrick through it's website and online community Gazzaspace.

The partnership will not change the gaming experience of Hattrick in any way, but will hopefully have a positive influence on the number of users in Italy, which is already the second largest community in Hattrick.

Hattrick Invitational

This is an ideal time for rookie managers to join Hattrick - it's simply more fun to start a team when you have a fresh season ahead of you. Especially if you have a friend by your side who can help explain what Hattrick is all about.

This season we will run a campaign to encourage the use of our Invite function. The rules are simple:

  • Invited users should sign up before August 30 (Hattrick's birthday!) and still be active when season 44 starts in December
  • Every manager that recruits at least one such user has a chance to win a limited edition Hattrick T-shirts. We have 100 to give.
  • If a recruited user pays for Supporter during the first season you, the recruiter, will be gifted 3 month Supporter as well. This bonus will be given at the end of the campaign and cannot be transferred to other teams.

Please don't spam - one user that stays is all you need to have a chance to win. Also, please note that you may not sign up to new teams yourself.

We will check all winners to make sure their recruits are proper and real teams.

Meet Bob at the bank

Teams who sit on big fortunes (at least 60 million euros) will now be able to purchase bonds at Banque Sunesson.

Bonds are risk and interest free, but they do give teams the chance to save more money than the bank normally can handle. Besides stabilizing the monetary system in Hattrick (excessive wealth has been known to cause general strikes affecting the weekly team updates), the select few invited into the world of bond trading have the chance to be rewarded with an achievement or two.

The time has finally come!

One of the most often requested features has been a forum search. Today is the day when we finally release this much anticipated tool to everyone. After some beta testing done with Supporters and Stage users, we are now ready to let all users have their turn at searching current and archived threads. Happy searching everyone!

Team photo and report button

First, there is a little something in the Christmas stocking for our dear Supporters this morning - a Team Photo view for their squads, to be found on the Players page. Enjoy!

We also wanted to mention the new "Report a post" function in the forums, which any user can click to direct the Moderators attention to a certain post. It's been there a few days, but since some users have been afraid to click the button without an official invitation, so here it is :)


Welcome to the family

Fantastic news; the Hattrick Football Association has accepted four new member applications for next season! Please welcome the new members to our Hattrick family: Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Cuba and Palestine.

A new way to play Hattrick

The beta test for Hattrick Open has now started. Open is an independent tournament system which lets you create cups and leagues for your friends, inside and outside Hattrick. You decide everything yourself, down to match times and what rules to use. At the same time, Open is a completely new platform that will give us much better flexibility in the development of the core Hattrick game as well. Please read our editorial about Hattrick Open or go to the web site to sign up for the beta test yourself.

Presenting My Office

As of today all Hattrick users will get this page - My Office - as your new starting page. My office is made to give you a better overview and inform you what's about to happen in your club.

The page is divided into three areas. In the story card area you get information from different people in your club, for example your trainer. The most common face will be your secretary though, who will make sure to keep you updated with the latest news. You can customize some of these messages in your settings.

Below in the main window you have the Upcoming events; a calendar for the next 7 days with information on what’s happening each day. So you can plan ahead. And to the right you find a few boxes that are already known to you, like team news and system info.

This is the first version of My Office. We will continously add more features and options to it, aimed both for new users and you who've already played Hattrick for a while.

Just a little weekend tip: If you're a Supporter you can let one of your Hall of Fame players become your secretary.

To replace your secretary go to your Hall of Fame and click on the player you want to make secretary. Then click on Edit data about this player, select secretary as his current career and save. Done!

National team blogs on Hattrick United

It is now possible for national teams to have their own blogs on Hattrick United, and there are some widgets especially made for National teams.

If you’re a national coach you can open up a blog for your national team and you can also give other managers editor access if you want other people to help you with the writing. The latest blog posts will be visible on the National team page in Hattrick. For more info, see Hattrick United.

Moreover we have integrated meetups to Hattrick United. is a service that helps you organize meetups and allows people to see when there is a one near them or where to go for one. We think it would be very cool if all fantastic Hattrick gatherings are collected in one place.

Hattrick Open leaves beta

The beta test of Hattrick Open has now ended, which means we are officially at version 1.0 of the site. The two main changes are that non-Hattrick users can now be invited and play in any competition, and that all payment options are now open for use. Among these are of course existing Hattrick credits, which can easily be converted to Hattrick Open Points and used to start or participate in tournaments. Many thanks to our beta testers, who have helped us greatly in finding bugs and improving the site. The development of Hattrick Open continues, and can be followed on the site or on the Hattrick Open blog.

Player swap orders

We can finally announce that we now have support for Player Swaps in our match order interface. This makes it possible to let two players swap positions on the the pitch using only one order, something that was previously not possible and much requested. When two players swap positions, the individual orders already given stay with the position. Happy managing!

Better pre-match analysis

Today we can present three new analytical tools for the Hattrick community, one of which is exclusive to newbies.

First off, when hovering over a player in the player list in the match order form, his ideal position on the field will be highlighted. This is intended as a small visual help when picking your lineup.

Secondly, we have a powerful new tool that will preview your sector ratings for the lineup currently selected in the match order form. This will make it easy to test and try different lineups and quickly get an idea of how changing players around will affect your ratings in upcoming games. This will ease the learning curve for new users, but also add a tactical perspective for veteran users. Please bear in mind that predicted ratings only indicate the strength of the team at the start of the game - final ratings will always be different.

Finally, newbies are getting the option to ask their assistant manager for a lineup suggestion. The lineup suggested will be much better than random, but far from perfect - the idea is that even new users will be able to improve upon it as well.

These tools builds on the code we developed for the Hattrick Open project, and are a part of our effort to make Hattrick more transparent and understandable for all kinds of users.

Introducing Hattrick Gears

Hattrick Gears is a collection of small features, available via pay-per-use payments made in the same spirit as Hattrick Supporter: features that make Hattrick more fun to play or make your Hattrick life more comfortable, but without giving you any actual in-game advantage.

First up, and available right now are features to personalise and customise your team:

  • Give your players nicknames
  • Change your players looks; through styling or total makeovers

You can find these features on each player's page and you pay for each change with Credits.

We're looking to add more, small features, available via the pay-per-use payment model, in the future.

We would also like to announce that one week from now, November 8th, the price of Hattrick Supporter will increase to €44.80 for a 1 year package. If you are thinking about trying Supporter for the first time, or renewing your existing subscription, now is a good time to do it. Any new purchase before November 8th will of course extend your current subscription at the old price. This year we have developed three new Supporter releases, and more are coming.

Thank you for your continued support, it is essential for the development of Hattrick.