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HT-Tactiek (11815)
Chief Officer mrJanneman
Founding date 10-08-2004
Members about 850
Languages Dutch, Flemish,Frysian and English

This is a Dutch federation with as main subject Tactics.

The federation is most famous about the weekly analyzes, in which every week, managers are told what they can improve and what is good about their teams. Not too long ago the Quick Scans were added. Those are more or less short versions of the analyzes.
Besides that there is also a treat called "Tactiek van de Wedstrijd" in English: "Match Tactics". In this treat managers can ask more experienced managers how they can play best against their opponent.
Other new features of the federation are the "Championship of Tactics" and the federations youthleagues. The first is a cup competition between federation members. The federation has currently 6 youthleagues called "Hattrick Tactiek Talenten competitie (1/6)".

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