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HT-Thomas joined the Hattrick Team in August 2006 as a full time developer, but he's played Hattrick since he joined on the 27th of November 2002 and received his club FC Vanilla (first named IFK TeLLeR) on the 1st of February 2003. Thomas is a web and database developer and Hattricks .NET guru. The achievements were his first project followed by the new youth system. He’s also, together with Daniel, responsible for all our servers and all software. In his spare time he develops his CHPP tool and he'll also take over the Maptrick CHPP site, as if programming for Hattrick isn't enough. Occasionally he brings home baked bread to the office for the HT's weekly breakfast.

Apparently he took a larger bite than he could swallow, and left the HT-Team during the first half of 2010.