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HTMonkey (pictured top) compared to original Hattrick design (below)

HTMonkey is a UserScript for Greasemonkey (an extension for Firefox/Mozilla).


Hattrick's Interface

By default, it enlarges the interface for 200 pixels, making hattrick a little wider (something necessary with these big monitors of 1280x1024 pixels being sold today!).

Friends' Box

Adds a box on any of the blank frames with shortcuts to your preferred teams and their respective links.

  • With HTMonkey: Just click in the link on the friends box.
  • Without HTMonkey: Go to search, enter name, press enter and then click in the team!

Search Box

Adds a box below the friends' box with a form to quickly view the information of a player, team or match, providing the ID.

Preferred players sorting

Sort the list of players by the parameter that you prefer automatically, not the player number or the player's name.

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