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HT mail
HT mail before November 2008

HT mail is Hattrick's internal personal message system. You can write a message to every user you want as long as you behave in a decent manner. Along with the supporter features press announcements and the guestbook it helps keeping users in touch, thus building the community together with the forums.

You can keep track of send and received mail in your mailbox.

A HT message can contain up to 1000 characters, though you may sometimes experience a minor counter bug.

You can write HT-mails by using the letter icon in the right corner of a users teampage or by using the "write new message" button at the Inbox in the My Hattrick Menu.

You can use HT-ML (like [b] or [playerid=xxx]) in HT-mail.


In the inbox you can see your messages.

They are divided in three folders:

  • New messages (messages you haven't read yet)
  • Read messages (messages you have read)
  • Sent messages (messages sent by you)

Supporters can store their sent and recieved HT-mails into archive folders. These can be freely chosen.
A maximum of 1000 messages can be stored in the archive folders.

It is also the place where you find Staff messages and can write Newsletters.

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