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By: HT-Hasse 2053056.20 as reply to 2053056.19
To: fidemaster 17-11-2004 at 15:04
Well, I retired after the 2000 season so I can not say for sure what has happened after that. Another problem is that each country has its own translation of the original text and that might result in slight variations due to language issues.

We were to tick a box on the matchreport for each yellow card and we had two boxes to choose from:

1. Something which could be translated as "foul play" or similar. This included bad tackles, pushes, handball and all other physical offences during play.

2. "Unsportsmanlike conduct", which included things like protests, bad comments to other players, sabotage of free kicks etc, diving, exaggerated celebrating of goals, wearing of dangerous jewellery etc.