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By: HT-Johan (12533267.25) as reply to (?)
To: Everyone 11.2.2009 at 16:55
The reason Cuba is not in Hattrick is that there is not yet sufficient reason to include it - there simply has never been any cubans asking for it.

Now, having locals asking for a league is not always enough either, we also like there to be some chance of being an active community as well. We don't add leagues solely for the pleasure of flag chasers :)

Then there are some other factors we want, such as a Fifa membership and preferrably also IP traffic that is identifiable for the country. In the case of San Marino, for example, all traffic looks Italian (at least this was the case last time I checked) and so it would be very very hard for us to make any distinction between San Marino users and regular Italians.

Keywords: (Cuba)

By: HT-Johan (12533267.61) as reply to (12533267.54)
To: Calvert 12.2.2009 at 02:31

Calvert wrote:

FIESHTEROS-Lovo12 wrote:
there are a lot of people of Cuban playing hattrick, in Spanish conference we saw

I am reasonably certain that there are quite a few Cuban expatriates playing the game, most likely in the US, Mexico, Spain and through Central and South America. However, in order to be eligible for the creation of a Hattrick league, it has to be reqested by people currently living there. As HT-Johan said, that request has not yet been made.


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By: HT-Johan (12533267.62) as reply to (12533267.60)
To: MachimoI 12.2.2009 at 02:35
MachimoI wrote:

I'm a Cuban from Cuba and I am pretty sure there are no other HT users playing from here. Virtually no one here has a regular internet access. Besides, football, quite frankly, is not popular at all. Most of us hate our country and we would like to emigrate to the US.

Now, of course, this was only an illustration to show how worthless the posts of the previous "Cubans" were. After the post of HT-Johan this thread has become pointless and unnecessary, it only creates fertile ground for flame wars.

Ok. I guess you are right.

I will close this thread, but I would just like to point out that pollotics have absolutely no bearing on the decision on us starting a Cuban league or not. Since we want our leagues to be populated by users actually living in a country, it would make more sense to open Cuba at a point in time when Internet access is more widely available in the country. Otherwise we end up with an empty league which is quite boring for for the few people that might end up there.