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From: HT-Johan (11730691.61) as reply to (11730691.56)
To: EchoMan 18.8.2008 at 17:55
Then again ...

I made a "small" project where I try to convert my " old" clubhouse into my own site. Easy. Like a couple oif weeks spare time, and I'm on track. I'm amazed that HT* don't dp this overhaul of CH and make it a proper supporter thingy.

The CH code base is surprisingly big and complicated - it makes up something like 20-25% of all the .asp pages in Hattrick, so it would considerably delay the .NET project and the redesign if we included it in that project. And that is even without changing any functionality, which we would have wanted to do - in fact we would not have wanted to keep much of the existing code at all, since it is kind of badly structured compared to our other code and since it was originally done by someone that does no longer work with us. We are talking about putting all other development on Hattrick on hold for a few months to fix CH, which after all is a product that far less than 1 % of the HT users subscribe to. It is not so much a question of laziness as a question of prioritization. We did not want to keep selling CH since we did not think the product was good enough, and we could not justify building a new CH platform from scratch - and a lot better integrated into Hattrick - within the foreseeable future.

I understand that current CH users may feel resentful about this decision, but on the other hand I think it would have been more disrespectful of us to keep the product going unsupported. We want Hattrick to be a modern, bug-free product that is easy enough for us to maintain so that we can use our focus on developing good new things for users, and unfortunately CH fit very badly into that picture. Fixing CH was a "nice-to-have" in a world quite well populated with "must-dos".

I agree that something similar to CH would make great sense to include in Supporter. I also think there are some really neat features in CH today that should be salvaged. We closed CH because we don´t want to commit to CH for more than another year, but that does not mean that we will abandon CH users or forget that there has been, and probably still is, a demand for this kind of add-on to Hattrick.