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By: HT-Tjecken (7831771.41) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 22.1.2007 at 16:43
Reply to (7831762.992)

I think a lot of managers spend most of their HT time in the internal forum system. The HT forum system is not so bad, but one thing is really missing, a search function!

Are you thinking about this issue or probably about a new forum system?

We've been thinking about a search function - yes, and I would also love that. The "only" problem with a search function is that it requires a lot of resources, resourses we don't have at the moment. We've also been discussing other solutions like opening up the forums for reading for non Hattrick users, and that way allowing search engines to take care of it. But that's not a non-trivial thing either. But we know it's a very wanted feature, so it's more or less always on our agenda and will remain there in the future too.

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By: HT-Thomas (11113785.12) as reply to (11113785.11)
To: enigmamz 14.4.2008 at 18:07
So the conferences are back online again. Any new stuff to be seen^^?

They likely just erased a lot of the old archive threads that no one could ever want to see.

Namely, the locked ones.

No, just database move and major upgrade.

Keywords: (conference), (conference down), (search function)

By: HT-Thomas (11113785.16) as reply to (11113785.14)
To: MadsBen 14.4.2008 at 21:30
More room for archived threads, which no-one can find, due to the lack of a search function.

Not entirely wrong. More CPU and disk, but but also a solution for eventual future search feature. :)

Keywords: (conference), (conference down)

By: HT-Thomas (11113785.17) as reply to (11113785.13)
To: enigmamz 14.4.2008 at 21:32
Meaning, what? How will the new upgrade manifest itself?

You won't notice much else than better performance during high loads. Not yet though as we are still running maintenance, but online.