HTs on Global/Health updates and training

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Keywords: (training), (health update)

By: HT-Hasse 5124789.20 as reply to 5124789.5
To: TommieW 8-2-2006 at 21:16
In every country there's first the daily health update, and directly after that the training.

That is incorrect. In fact there is no way of knowing which is updated first for a specific player.

Keywords: (training), (health update)

By: HT-Hasse 5124789.22 as reply to 5124789.21
To: TommieW 8-2-2006 at 21:20
Then I stand corrected. I always assumed the health update would be finished before the training starts (since it doesn't take that long and starts earlier)

To be quite clear it actually used to work that way once, but that was a very very long time ago (my guess is 2 years+).