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By: HT-Josef 12366651.16 as reply to 12366651.13
To: Marrundo 14.1.2009 at 20:28
Sorry, i have a question:

A lot of players want to make skin with old design, Foxtrick have an option that can use old medals.

This new design is a new defeat of Hattrick's Staff?

Or you only make a walkover ? :)

Regarding the trophies we have already stated (several times at that), that we are working on new images for them.

Foxtrick and similar plugins will always provide additional/different functionality for its users, and quite frankly that's not a bad thing. If you want it that way, then get Foxtrick. Majority of the users are quite casual however, and don't bother with Foxtrick nor even customizing the forum settings. They use them as they are, out of the box.