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From: HT-Bjorn
To: Everyone (2003552.20), answering 2003552.1
07-11-2004, at 15:57
Don't blame the engine for your lack of understanding of it. "Luck" or "back luck" tend to be the knee-jerk reaction to the unpleasant fact that someone has not yet fully mastered all aspects of the game. Blaming losses on "bad luck" will not help you reach the top series - in fact it will prevent you from refining your tactic, will prevent you from learning the game engine.

Random is part of any game (including real-life football as well as Hattrick) or indeed any aspect of life in a complex world. However, it matters every little for long term results, and it even matters very little for the outcome of all but a very small number of matches.

From: HT-Bjorn
To: myszka-ns (2003552.27), answering 2003552.21
07-11-2004, at 16:23
But the lottery is bigger and bigger :(.

No it is not. You are mistaken. Random is not more important, it is less important.

In last seasones was lottery but it was very little. In this season lottery rule Hattrick :(.

Not true. More likely, it is your understanding of the game that has become obsolete. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, instead of just saying that it is luck, just because you don't understand why a certain team lost.

Established truths slowly change as the best managers adjust their tactics over time. The longer you cling to old "truths" and treat all deviations from those obsolete "truths" as "random", then the more strange and hostile and "unlucky" your life in the HT world will seem.

From: HT-Bjorn
To: bbUnica (2003552.32), answering 2003552.26
07-11-2004, at 16:28
The real life random is so rare that I haven'r seen a game in which the worst team won against the better team.

That is because IRL you fully trust your eyes and what you see on the field, and treat all side statistics as secondary. In Hattrick many people do the opposite: They treat the match report (which is what actually happened) as secondary and think that the "truth" about which team was the best lies in the side statistcis (like team and player ratings).

The game engine similates a match. Step by step it advances through the match and the most important events are spat out as the match report.

The team ratings specify (more objectively than IRL) what the inparameters were. But, like in your Real Madrid example, inparameters doesn't tell the whole story.

From: HT-Bjorn
To: bi_ts (2003552.35), answering 2003552.28
07-11-2004, at 16:35
So we are all stupid morons....

No, I didn't say that.

I said that none of us (me included) fully grasp the complexity of such a complicated thing as the game engine (or the IRL "game engine"). There is always more to learn. We are all ignorants and we are all knowledgeable. None of us know everything and none know nothing.

However, to stop learning half-way and start saying that "random is increasing" is to act very foolishly. Random has not increased - in fact it has been made less important in HT 6.6. So, if you perceive the HT-world as less comprehensive, it is more likely to be because your relative understanding of the game engine has fallen behind other managers. This may sound like a harsh statement, but the choice is yours.