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By: HT-Tjecken 12423686.2 as reply to 12423686.1
To: MD-JakobTrier 19.1.2009 at 13:25
19-01-2009 New payment options in the shop
We have added two new payment options to our shop. You can now choose to pay using a Walliecard (a cash card which you can buy in stores in many countries), and our German customers can use Sofortüberweisung (a German direct bank transfer). Happy shopping!

I tried to pay with PayPal the other day but it did not work, does anyone know if that was just me being unlucky or if there is an issue with PayPal and should that be the case what are then the chances it will be fixed?

We had an issue with PayPal before the holidays (so, almost a month ago), but it's been sorted out for long now. So I guess (and hope) you were just unlucky, otherwise - please file a report about it.

Keywords: (shop), (shop payment), (payment options)

By: HT-Tjecken 12423686.4 as reply to 12423686.3
To: djombaslo 19.1.2009 at 14:31
Do you have any plans to add Moneybookers as payment option?

Actually, Moneybookers will most likely be added during the first half of 2009. I can't guarantee it to 100% though, but it's very likely.

Keywords: (shop), (shop payment), (payment options)

By: HT-Tjecken 12423686.7 as reply to 12423686.6
To: Osqar 19.1.2009 at 15:14
Why is 'Solo' not working? I haven't seen anywhere an option to pay with Solo. I'm client of polish Nordea, and it would be really great if I could pay with Nordea's Solo system.

Solo is a British card, so it's not related to the Nordea at all.

Keywords: (shop), (shop payment), (payment options)

By: HT-Tjecken 12423686.9 as reply to 12423686.8
To: Osqar 19.1.2009 at 15:23
BTW - You are swedish. Nordea is swedish also :) Is it whenever possible to see Nordea's system to use? It's very simple and user-friendly.

I don't know, but my guess is "not that likely".