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By: HT-Tjecken To: Frank-LNC 10664071.30 as reply to 10664071.24

  8.2.2008 at 10:44 

The whole new denomination scale of "hopeless", "prodigious", etc has been cancelled now? Does this mean all youth-players have the same training speed? For once and for all: That scale had nothing to do with training speed.

All youth players don't have the same training speed, but the difference (which depend on their character, right now a hidden value) is marginal.

By: HT-Tjecken To: dancing_rob 10664071.45 as reply to 10664071.39

  8.2.2008 at 11:08 

my best guess is that it referred to the difference between where the player was now (eg poor) and their max potential (eg solid)

I'm as intrigued as everyone else as to exactly what it meant though! Close, but no cigar.

It was a combination of current skill level and potential skill level.

By: HT-Tjecken To: Everyone 10664071.110 as reply to 10664071.103

  8.2.2008 at 14:47 

I read on our youthacademy forum that people got trainingmessage with [level] in there instead of the real level. And then I literaqlly mean "[level]" instead of inadequate or apssable or whatever. Ok, this one is sorted out now.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.331 as reply to 10664071.330

  10.2.2008 at 07:59 

I don't think the youth team is the right place for Lars Langeland any more. At least when it comes to Passing, he's simply unable to improve any more. This is a new one too, but I guess it is about completed player. Last comment only means his passing is maxed out.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.333 as reply to 10664071.332

  10.2.2008 at 08:03 

Ok, I got that on IM, while training PM + PS. Meaning he could still be a PM talent?

The message is exact on the skill which is maxed out. If his PM is mentioned he will not respond to playmaking training.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.335 as reply to 10664071.334

  10.2.2008 at 08:06

I got a similar message when training wing + ps with him (but then it wasnt mentioned which skill he was maxed in). Now I know ps cant be training - but then he could be trained in PM + WG, right?

I refer only to the new comment type in which the exact skill is stated.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.337 as reply to 10664071.336

  10.2.2008 at 09:28

Ok. What about the old one that doesn't mentioned which skill? Could it be that one of the skills at the then current time could be worth training?

Yes. It meant that the total skills left to train are quite low. This message is removed due to better info in the new messages.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.339 as reply to 10664071.338

  10.2.2008 at 09:33 

Here are the messages:

NEW (training PM/PS): Match I don't think the youth team is the right place for Lars Langeland any more. At least when it comes to Passing, he's simply unable to improve any more.

PREVIOUS (at that time, trained WG/PS): Match In my opinion, Lars Langeland is not going to reach his potential as a footballer unless he gets some Playmaking training.

The old message you put here is still valid. I meant the "can not improve" unrelated to skill message.

By: flameron To: wildkick 10664071.341 as reply to 10664071.340

  10.2.2008 at 09:40

Ok. You really think he can still be a good prospect when the coach says: " I don't think the youth team is the right place for Lars Langeland any more"?

I know passing training will not do any good, ref. also your comment above. But if that sentence does not mean what it says, he might be able to improve in wing or pm?

Regarding the old message, I thought that that meant that ONE of the skills he was training at that time, didnt do him any good. As he was training WG + PS, that might just be the passing part? Or, is further wing training out of the question as well?

Maybe those messages means he is not going to improve much in ANY skill?

(a bit messy post, but hope you get my point)

I gave you all the info you need.

By: flameron To: Kniff 10664071.457 as reply to 10664071.455

  13.2.2008 at 09:31

I really like the new reports:

"Também treinámos Criatividade esta semana. Ao observar o João Luz, parece-me que ele está no nível desastroso nesta característica."

In english says something like my GK is disastrous PM at this time...

Very usefull information!!

yes my keeper got a scoring skill info.

It would be a nice realistic add on if player get a skill info for a skill that is important for the position he played, may be from same skill selection as for individual training. Keeper for example would get a keeper, defending or set pieces skill info, but never a scoring info.

It is an option, but ....

The current implementation though gives you info that by mistake you did not spot.

Fot instance: If you got a keeper and do not know that you can learn it by this mechanism. Same for other skills. Thats important as well.

You can have your scout tell you on scoring and the trainer will one day tell you (inspite the fact the player plays as forward) that this guy has now passable defending. This is better than your suggestion.

By: flameron To: Kniff 11733234.14 as reply to 11733234.12

  16.8.2008 at 22:14 

Benotzer aus de Favoritten Any type of message could appear only once in training report. It should be random if several messgaes can be created (like several players have maxed out, gained skill, etc.). The order should be random as well (which means if you have two players that have maxed out you could get a messgae on any of them every week with no ability to predict the actual order - xx, yx, xy or yy should have the same probability for two training reports as a specific example).

If you have evidance that its not like that you could present them here and I will try and check. There is a wish to improve the current mechanism but we need resources which were not available lately. It might be prioritize lower with the other tasks planned for the future but my guess it will happen eventually. Please be patient with it (I know its not good how it works now).

By: flameron To: Kniff 11733234.18 as reply to 11733234.15

  16.8.2008 at 22:33 

Benotzer aus de Favoritten Question is if there were other players that you know to reach their max potential in skills that were trained during the same week, and how many of them.

If there are 2 players (including your keeper) its not that rare that you will get the same player reported several weeks in a row. It is reasonable to assume that only those users will feel annoyed and reply in the forum about that. Still, if it will look like there is a chance of a bug I will try and look into it (already did that with no sign of bug but will do it again).

By: flameron To: Ratsia 11733234.22 as reply to 11733234.16

  16.8.2008 at 22:38 

Benotzer aus de Favoritten I'm not going to discuss the possible improvements as you said there are no resources now

Why not. Maybe you will have something we did not think of.

... but could you at least add the information in the rules? Just two sentences saying the same thing I quoted.

Will check this.

By: flameron To: Hasenohr 11733234.23 as reply to 11733234.21

  16.8.2008 at 22:40 

Benotzer aus de Favoritten What´s about players, who got no addition of stars over two month? Ist it possible, that the messages will stop after a defined period of time? I saw some and hear about many more of this cases.

What I said is how it should work. If you got any strong case of something looking wierd you can post it here, but please add complete data so in case you miss something other users can help you understand without me needing to answer any reply. The more data (and a 100% verified data) is posted the higher the chance you will get an answer from other users or me.