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By: HT-Frid (?) as reply to (?)
To: ? 16.07.2004
level 8 = delirious

level 9 = WOC
level 10 = POE
level 11- = shouldn't bee shown but due to the same reason as level 9 has been shown in hrf but nowhere else, the hrf can show levels higher than 10

previous situation:

Real level 9 showed up as POE (level 10) on site and in XML but as leve 9 in HRF and level 10 in RF description

Real level 10 was handled correctly by all.

Since people have been matching the correct HRF value with an incorrect description most people have thought POE=level9.

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By: HT-Tjecken (7831771.87) as reply to (7831771.1)
To: Everyone 25.05.2007
Reply to (8995830.13)

Only if you get a message the team spirit will be affected but it's possible, making a transfer, to have modification at the TS without reciving a message?

For me, if the TS has been affected, certainly will be a message. It's true?

Team spirit is affected by the daily updates and some other stuff without notification. If team spirit is affected by a transfer however you always get a message about it.

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By: flameron (11792865.18) as reply to (11792865.1)
To: teodoreh 31.8.2008 at 18:49
I have a simple question for the HT-team:

How is it possible, 85.000 spectators to notice that their team played MOTS or PIC*, but this information is kept secret from the manager of the opponent's team? I doesn't make any sense! :P

* = The rules write that PICs and MOTS games, have a nice contribution on fan's mood.

Its quite simple how this happen.

On every game (In real life as well) fans feel sometimes that the team did not make a 100% effort. It is larger part of the fans that feel this way when the team actually PIC hence the negative effect on their reaction and a smaller group (compared to normal) when they MOTS hence the positive effect. Opponent manager have the same tools for deciding what was the other team attitude in each game. Sometimes he is wrong and if he is smarter then the average fan, he is right usually.