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By: PatoBravo 2606121.26 as reply to 2606121.24
To: HT-Bjorn 21.02.2005 at 03:36
There is a recurrent theory that players are not individually and randomly generated, istead they are selected randomly from a pre-created database.

Do you wish to clarify this?

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By: HT-Bjorn 2606121.27 as reply to 2606121.26
To: PatoBravo 21.02.2005 at 03:41
They are generated on the fly randomly.

The only thing that is selected randomly from a pre-created database is the names, which realistically only can be created this way of course.

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By: dudup 2606121.29 as reply to 2606121.27
To: HT-Bjorn 21.02.2005 at 05:10
Are the skills independently generated, that is, one skill's range or probability is not affect by one already calculeted?

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By: HT-Bjorn 2606121.30 as reply to 2606121.29
To: dudup 21.02.2005 at 05:34
Are the skills independently generated


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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.138 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 06.12.2007 at 17:36
Reply to (10070922.374)

With the changes to Keepers using defender skill now.....

1. Does this mean now if we pull from our Youth Squad a Keeper that we may be able to pull a Solid Keeper with Solid Defending?

In the Youth Academy keepers may have some potential in defense.

2. Or would it be wiser to pull an outfield player and get a Solid Defender with Solid Keeper skill?

Outfielders don't have much (if any) keeper skill.

3. Or is it like before that we can only pull a keeper and train his defending from scratch?

This is true if you use the "old" random system.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12724321.403 as reply to
To: Everyone 09.04.2009 at 23:10
Reply to (7926938.565)

About the quality of the youth pools:
The quality of the youth pool is not ever-worsening, it seems to be forum rumour actually. The pool is continously filled with new youth players, even those who are not picked up will eventually be removed. Players are removed from the pool when they've been dismissed a couple of times, and we also remove players who's been there more than a certain number of days (less days than one Hattrick season). So, the quality of the pool is rather constant.

About the youth league system:
The league system could be made better, definitely. At least when it comes to administrating one, but also some other stuff. It is however a huge task to change it, and we think there are more important things to work on than this right now. I'm pretty certain the time will come for a rework of the league system too, but right now we don't have any plan of when. At least not this year is my guess.

"Missing" stars in walk-over
Letting your youth team meet a bunch of street kids (instead of wo) is also a pretty huge task (but perhaps a bit easier than dealing with the league system), just as the above. And just as with league system we think there are more important things to focus on right now. Boring, the painfully true. This is something we would really like to fix, but given the limited resources we got and the number of issues in the game which we really need to deal with (the economy for example) it will have to wait.

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By: HT-Tjecken 12724321.532 as reply to 12724321.530
To: arrosa 15.04.2009 at 14:25
Youth pools are regional. How many youth players there are in a specific region depends on the number of users (users, not scouts!) in that region. The pool is refilled on daily basis (you will not get a more exact interval than that).

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