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Monday October 30

I made a enblem for the team. When my team gets placed, you can see the logo too when you are on my team page on Hattrick.



Manager HVC Hercules

Sunday October 29

Today I started to set up the team. I was thinking for a while about the name, but I finally have a name: HVC Hercules. HVC means Hooglandse Voetbal Club, in English: Hooglandse Soccer Club. Hoogland is the town where I live. It's in Holland. Keep checking my club page!



Manager HVC Hercules


We are currently not placed in the competition yet.

http://www18.hattrick.org/Common/Images/AboutSupporter/Star_shaded.gifAbout the owner

Name: Marino Rottier

City: Hoogland

Country: Holland

Hobbys: Playing soccer and Hattrick

School: 't Atrium, sportklas (Sporting class), Second year.

What do you expect this season?

To win the cup and getting in a higher division!

http://www18.hattrick.org/Common/Images/AboutSupporter/Star_shaded.gifAbout the team

Short team name: HVC

Teamname for 'speaking': HVC Hercules

Full Teamname: Hooglandse Voetbal Club Hercules

Division: Not placed yet

Country: Holland

Players: None yet