Hackers United

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Hackers United (54696)
Preceded by
Season 37
Season 38
Succeeded by
Season 39

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Club information
Nickname Hackers
Country  England
Geographical area Western Europe
Foundation 18-01-2002
Stadium Ramsay Street- Home of
THE Great Karl Kennedy*_*
(~90 000 seats)
Team colours
Blue      Maroon      Green      Silver     
Manager Bud_Um_Tiss
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNG National Cup.PNG National Cup.PNG
Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division I.PNG
Division II.PNG Division III.PNG Division III.PNG Division IV.PNG Division IV.PNG Division V.PNG Division V.PNG

Hackers United is an English club managed by Bud_Um_Tiss.
Hackers United became two times national champion and won the cup twice, becoming a double champion in season 25.
At this point Bud_Um_Tiss leaves his team to go down and Hackers is relegated back to fifth division in season 27. After that, the club started to win again and in season 37 is cup champion for the second time and again in English Premier. After becoming the national champion once again in season 38, Hackers United won the Hattrick Masters XI. In Hattrick Masters XII they reached the 5th round.


Season League Position Cup round Hattrick Masters Trophies
42 English Premier 8th 10th round
41 English Premier 5th 12th round
40 English Premier 2nd 7th round
39 English Premier 2nd 9th round 5th round
38 English Premier 1st 6th round CHAMPION Division I.PNGHT Masters.PNG
37 II.4 1st CHAMPION Division II.PNGNational Cup.PNG
36 III.16 1st 5th round Division III.PNG
35 IV.26 1st 13th round Division IV.PNG
34 IV.26 6th 3rd round
33 V.191 1st 6th round Division V.PNG
32 V.191 2nd 3rd round
31 V.191 2nd 4th round
30 IV.55 8th 7th round
29 III.15 5th 7th round
28 II.3 7th 1st round
27 English Premier 8th 5th round
26 English Premier 1st 13th round Division I.PNG
25 English Premier 1st CHAMPION - Division I.PNGNational Cup.PNG
24 II.1 1st 12th round Division II.PNG
23 II.1 1st 10th round Division II.PNG
22 English Premier 8th 5th round
21 English Premier 4th 13th round
20 English Premier 3rd 13th round
19 English Premier 3rd 10th round
18 II.4 1st 11th round Division II.PNG
17 III.11 1st 11th round Division III.PNG
16 IV.62 1st 9th round Division IV.PNG
18 V.81 1st - Division V.PNG


  • English Premier
    • 3 (CHAMPION season 25, 26, 38).
  • English Cup
    • 2 (CHAMPION seasons 25, 37).
  • Double Champion
    • 1 (seasons 25).
  • Hattrick Masters
    • 1 (CHAMPION season 38).

National titles
Preceded by
Holy Rollers
Season 37
English League Champion
Seasons 25-26, 38
Succeeded by
Legion of Killer Apes
Season 39
Preceded by
Ladbroke Rovers
Season 24
Succeeded by
Durham City FC
Season 27