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Flag of Haifa
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Continent: Asia
Zone: Asia, Africa and Oceania
Country:  Israel
Latitude: 32°49' N
Longitude: 34°58' E
RegionID: 1150
Number of teams: 1455
Time zone: +2


Haifa (Heh-Fah [also Hah-Eeh-Fah] in hebrew: חיפה) is a Hattrick region in Israel

Memorial Moments

Best Teams of Haifa

1. parrots 1st Ligat Ha´al

2. F.C Haifa 3rd Ligat Ha´al

3. Haifa Greens 5th Ligat Ha´al

4. Israelitos 6th II.2

5. Kuamis 7th II.3

6. F.C.Mackabi Haifa 1st III.16

7. hapoel tel hanan 3rd III.3

8. FC Dynamo Haifa 3rd III.13

9. maccabi honda haifa 3rd III.9

10. FLYING COWS 3rd III.14

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