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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the club Hall of Fame of retired players. For other uses of Hall of Fame, see Hall of Fame (disambiguation)

Each team has a Hall of Fame associated with it. As an alternative to firing a player who is no longer capable of playing for their team, a manager has the option of retiring a limited number of players to the team Hall of Fame. After an initial allowance of three players, each team may add one new player to the Hall of Fame one season (16 weeks) after the last player was added.

Each player in the Hall may be customized. He may be categorised among different classes of service to the club, including scoring, total matches, and faith to the club. The manager may indicate the player's current post-soccer career, with possible choices including agent, referee, and actor. The player's best match and final match may be retrieved automatically, and in addition to that, the manager may choose the player's most memorable match.

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