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Tireless worker who does not spare himself while the site is down.

Hammo is the cool guy who sleeps careless in the hammock every time the servers crash!

Hammo (first on left) enjoys sharing a good hattrick Live with his friends.

Despite being a top specialist in his branch (...hammocks), he was fired apparently because he caused management's anger.

Hammo at his former office, researching legislation.

Save Hammo! Campaign

There was a terrible rumor going around in August 2006 about a big change after all the years in hattrick! Our beloved Hammo was supposed to be fired. HTs annoyance, unverified information until that moment, was certified by HT-Johan himself. Quote (about Hammo):

Keywords: (Hammo)
From: HT-Johan (6530285.13) as reply to (6530285.9)
To: valcho 01/08/2006, at 11:13
It's not a very fair portrayal of what's goes on when the site is down, plus we are all a bit annoyed by it nowadays.

That triggered forum's reactions, such as:

Everybody knows Hammo.

He has friends with whom he goes out clubbing, surfing or playing real football.
Hammo doesn't deserve this treatment.
Help him overcome this rejection. Get involved now!

Write you opinion! Hammo will read all your messages!

Then, with some relief to Hammo fans, HT-Tjecken has made a statement that Hammo he would have stayed for some time with us:

Keywords: (Hammo)
From: HT-Tjecken (7280590.4) as reply to (7280590.2)
To: GM-Yonad 06/11/2006, at 09:19
No more addiction for two days. Yikes.

Never underestimate the power of Hammo, you might get addictive. ;)

Hammo the other day, alive and kicking and still working hard in new office

Oh No!!!

During the Redesign 2008, unfortunately Hammo got lost!

In his absence, the HT's replaced him with the Dozer.


A small light of hope was lit again though, after the following post from HT-Tjecken :

Keywords: (Hammo)
From: HT-Tjecken (12645733.15) as reply to (12645733.12)
To: Dr_Death 13/03/2009, at 16:42
Where is Hammo?

Pining for the fjords. At least temporarily, he might come back though.

After all these years, we are still waiting for you to come back...