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Hans-Ulrich Severin (58817628)
Hans-Ulrich Severin (58817628).png
Personal Information
Full name Hans-Ulrich Severin
Nickname Severin
Age71 years and 57 days
Country  Deutschland
Current team Catalunya Drinkteam United
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
25 (25)Germany VfL Phillen0(0)
14 (25) - 28 (39)Norway Looney FC210(16)
27 (39) - 35 (47)Catalunya Drinkteam United48(9)
Teams Managed
29 (41) -Catalunya Drinkteam United

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Hans-Ulrich Severin is a German coach and former defender in Hattrick.


Severin was promoted from VfL Phillen and he was inmediately sold to a Looney FC. He played for fourteenth seasons and became an undisputed defender starter in this club.

After being thirty-one years old he decided to try a new experience in a different country and was sold to Drinkteam United. It is rumoured that he was tired of Norwegian weather and he preferred latin Europe sun.

In his third club season, according to club chairman, replaced Nicolás Civo de Sopranis and became new Drinkteam United coach, but he continued playing some matches when other defenders were injured.


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Looney FC

  • 1  Norway VI.261: Season 22 (33)
  • 3  Norway VI.331: Season 24 (35), 26 (37), 27 (38)

Drinkteam United


Drinkteam United

Preceded by
Civo de Sopranis

Seasons 24 (36) - 29 (41)
Coach of Drinkteam United
Seasons 29 (41) -
Succeeded by

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Original Squad Isidre Fayas · Esteban Ferrando
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