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Hatcoach is your online Hattrick Manager Assistant. It helps you to

Maybe watch the Screencast showing the main features, or read on to get more details.


Like Hattrick.org, also Hatcoach is created using Microsofts ASP.net technology. So it runs completely in the browser, meaning

  • no need to install any software so it also runs on PCs with restricted rights (e.g. internet cafe)
  • no need to update any software. It's on a central server so you always have the latest version.
  • accessible everywhere: Home, Company, Internet Cafe, Friends, etc. (As long as it's not blocked by a firewall)
  • accessible with every browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.
  • accessible with mobile browsers: iPhone, iPod Touch, Symbian (Nokia) etc.

To login to Hatcoach a valid Hattrick Account is required. If you haven't one, register for free at Hattrick.org.


Hatcoach is free of charge for the first season ( = 16 weeks). After that you have to decide whether you want to continue using it.

Why pay for it?

There are several reasons why a little fee is charged if you want to use Hatcoach frequently. By the way, currently it's just 2 € per Month or 18 € per year, that's quite fair. Paying for Hatcoach....

  • helps to pay my Server bills. Take care: ASP.net hosting (including MS SQL Database) is more expensive than usual PHP hosting. Virtual servers start at 20 € per Month while real servers start at 100 € per Month. That's far too much for me just for fun.
  • helps to ensure continuous development. One-Time fees have several problems. As explained above I have monthly costs, therefore there is a monthly fee. Additionally with one-time fees there might be a point that no new users will join and so the monthly costs could not be paid.
  • helps to make the world better. After paying the bills I'll keep some money for upcoming requests (e.g. upgrading hardware, buy new licenses of external tools etc.). If then there is still money, I will donate it to third party organisations.

See Pricing for details.


Previously I developed .netchviewer, a Matchviewer for Hattrick. Then my company switched from Visual Basic.net to ASP.net so I started developing Hatcoach. This helps to work with new features (jQuery, Flash etc.) and techniques (Visual Studio, SQL, IIS etc.) which are currently not in use at work, so it's some kind of 'training project'. Of course this does not mean that it's unstable or unsupported or whatever. I just wanted to make clear: Hatcoach is not developed to become rich, that's why I donate some money as described in Pricing section.

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