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The HatStat value is an overall measurement of a team's performance. HatStats was initially invented by HatStats portal, thus named HatStats.


It is calculated from the ratings as follows:

The Attack and Defence Ratings are simply added up from the left, middle and right ratings. The ratings have to be transformed from skills into numbers first, of course. This is done the following way:

  • disastrous (v.low) = 1
  • disastrous (low) = 2
  • disastrous (high) = 3
  • ...
  • inadequate (v.high) = 20
  • passable (v.low) = 21
  • ...


The rating may not agree exactly with the Supporter Statistics function "Best Match Ever", presumably due to rounding and differences in weighting. The Hatstats rating is nice as a quick summary of a team's performance in a match, but due to several factors (tactics, actual distribution of scoring opportunities), it is not the most accurate way to determine which team was most likely to win a game. Most notably, defense trainers will often put up Hatstats totals out of proportion to their match results. More advanced rating systems take tactics and scoring chance distribution into account, at the cost of the Hatstats rating's simplicity and ease of calculation.

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