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Inventor: vivastpauli
Webdesigner: allsports

The hatsticks team

Hatsticks (also called The Hatsticks Project) is the official term for a HT-community-based project which revolves around collecting and exchanging stickers of HT-players in online albums. The concept was created by vivastpauli who could finally complete his idea with the start of the new HT-design in December 2008. He built a Panini-style presentation of his own team for which he received a lot of positive feedback. With the feeling of a promising idea the Hatsticks Federation was founded on the 6th February 2009. Soon after the opening he teamed up with allsports who took care of the online platform which made the interaction between sticker collectors from all over the world possible. The pilot project "GREECE 2009" caused a huge hype with a viral effect in the entire HT-community and made Hatsticks famous overnight. After the first project HT-Oxidus joined the team and with a little delay the second Hatsticks project was launched in March 2010. The hype became just as big, if not bigger then the first one.

The code system

During the time period of a running project a certain amount of codes is released every day within the Press Announcements of vivastpauli or allsports, usually between 0:00 and 0:30 Hattrick Time. After using the codes on the website you receive a certain amount of stickers per code. It's random which stickers are allocated to the sticker packs. Therefore all stickers have the same, objective value.

  • Daily codes: The daily codes are regular codes which are accessible for everyone. Normally they have 6-digit structure with 4 letters and 2 numbers.
  • Federation codes: Additionally to the daily codes a federation code is published as a bonus for members of the federation.
  • Easter Egg codes: The world of Hatsticks also bears some Easter Eggs, so there are given hints sometimes to unlock them. They contain about half the amount of regular codes.

The trade system

After some time of filling your album you reach the point where you get doubles of already received stickers. There's a special section on the website where you can offer them for stickers you don't have yet. Try to find trade partners the HT-forums, there are exchange topics in:

  • Global forums: The 4 main forums for English, French, Spanish and German speaking users usually have large attendance.
  • National forums: There are special exchange threads in many national forums for first language speakers without knowledge of the above ones.
  • Federation forum: The federation forum contains a lot of trade activity since it's focused on Hatsticks.

Full album

At the end of each project the collectors with a full album are able to download a file with a printable version of all album pages.


hattrick world cup GREECE 2009

The First Hatsticks project consisted of the National teams playing the World Cup XIII located in Greece. Players, coaches, NT-coaches, team flags and more from all 32 teams playing in round II were included, so there were no less than 742 stickers to collect.

Because of the enormous success the first server crashed after only 3 days. However the Hatsticks team found a new server and launched it back on one week later.

GREECE 2009 became a hype. Nearly 1000 people joined the federation in this time, trade topics were everywhere. No less than 21 trade topics were filled on Global (English) and many more on the different national forums around the world. The Hatsticks team got thousands of visitors on their team pages everyday looking for the daily codes. To enlarge the hype even more, Easter Eggs were introduced in the form of secret codes that people had to search for based on some hints. Each of them included 5 additional stickers. The users who found them the first received the title of "Sir Stixalot of Codeshire and Bashory" in the federation.

These are the Sirs Stixalot of Codeshire and Bashory: Catalyst2950 (eggs 1, 2 and 10), GM-Baka (egg 2), TopGodo (egg 3), trashboy (egg 4), Aethon (egg 5), W-dic (egg 6), LeSchmuh (egg 7), Pirats (egg 8) and Mod-TaelS (egg 9).

hattrick world cup Thailand 2010

The Second Hatsticks project consisted of the national teams playing the World Cup XIV located in Thailand. Again players, coaches, NT-coaches, team flags and more from all 32 teams playing in round II were included. New was the addition of a Hall of Fame with stickers of the record internationals from all 124 hattrick countries. In total there were 850 stickers to collect.

Once again the hype was enlarged with secret codes. But this time they didn't give extra stickers, but were used to form a secret image at the last page of the album.

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