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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the game Hattrick often referred to as HT. For other uses of HT, see HT (disambiguation)

Hattrick is a free browser-based massively multiplayer online football management simulation video game developed in Sweden and started in 1997.

In the game you play simultaneously with hundreds of thousands of managers all over the world. As well as the game, the community of users provide a great deal of entertainment.

Currently the game is available in 54 different language versions and it contains 145 leagues (144 countries divided in 2711 regions, plus the Hattrick International super league for HT-Supporters), each with its own league pyramid.


Hattrick is completely free to play and always looking for new managers. After a short registration period, the user receives a team with an initial set of players, a weak coach, a small stadium and a basic fanclub. Nearly always, the newbie takes over someone's old, defunct club, and the club's position in the league structure.

The user is then free to manage his or her squad, define a training scheme, sell and purchase the players, and much much more. As an owner of a football club you would:

...and so forth.

From game rules introduction:

Hattrick is a game where you get to lead a virtual football team to glory, in competition with other participants from all over the world.

You perform the duties of both club owner and manager. You buy and sell players, invest the club's money in utilities like a bigger stadium, or in the youth squad. You select a team from the players who are in top form at the time, plan your tactics before the next match, decide on what sort of training is needed, and much, much more.
You can keep yourself continuously updated on the state of your team by logging on to the Hattrick website, reading your team reports and checking out the latest news on the transfer market. This is also where you give your team orders for upcoming games and where you decide on how the team will train during the week.

The main goal for a successful manager is to win league and/or qualifiers and get promotion to a higher level for the next four-months-long season. This does not prevent each manager from seeking his own personal goal which can be totally different and original (raise a farm team, obsess over flag chasing, practice daytrading, or even try to become the worst team ever).


   Magnifier.png   Further information: Match engine
Hattrick is been voted the Most Favourite Simulation Game of 2011!

The match engine is always under development, and the game developers are constantly adding new features to the game and enhancing the current ones. These additions, and proposed ideas, are usually accompanied by heated debate in the game's forum.


   Magnifier.png   Further information: The story season by season

Hattrick was launched in August 1997. At that time of the first release, his game designer, Björn Holmér, was the sole developer of the match engine.

In the beginning of 2000, after 7 seasons, Extralives AB was founded and a Hattrick Team restarted development from scratch, with an all new graphical interface. As a team they developed and modeled the game as it is today, through the first international editions in 2000 (England, USA, Germany and Italy) up to last added nations.

In 2002 is time for National Teams, International Friendlies, Special Events, Weather for a Match and Tactics. A complete engine renovation launched with Hattrick version 6 (intended to remain in operation for the next 8 years).

The number of worldwide users peaked in February 2009 with almost one million!
Animated history from season 1 to 31 created by jhattara (FC Kakskerta))

Starting from here, the game witnesses an incredible growth in popularity with half a milion users in 2004.

Part of the Hattrick servers move to Switzerland on November 2006, when the game was offline, forcing users to wait two days (for several countries the calculation of league matches was also postponed).

With a constant growth the site quickly approached the million users! In 2009 there were up to 990 000 human users in Hattrick, the maximum number ever recorded so far.

At the beginning of 2012, Hattrick joins Zattika, a games publisher focused on social and mobile gaming. Surprisingly, but to the relief of many users, Zattika sells Hattrick back to the old owners in 2013, only a year after his purchase, due to financial problems.

The development of the game goes on, but unfortunately in this period some well respected and known colleagues such as HT-Klas and HT-Tjecken have to say goodbye.

The game is today owned by Hattrick Limited. The global season that is being played at the moment is the number 78.

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Hattrick timeline from season 1 to 50
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