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A disambiguation page needs to be added if a single title can be associated with two or more topics. For example, Premier League can refer to at least three different series: the Premier League in Bangladesh, the Premier League in Ghana and the Premier League in Tanzania. Ideally a link to Premier League will redirect to the disambiguation page for this term in order to give the reader the possibility to reach the correct article.

The primary topic[edit]

When there is a well-known primary topic for an ambiguous term, name or phrase, much more used than any other topic covered to which the same word(s) may also refer, then that term or phrase should either be used for the title of the article on that topic or redirect to that article. When a topic is the primary topic for more than one name the more common should be the title, and the less common should redirect to the article. Any article which has primary usage for its title and has other uses should have a disambiguation link at the top, and the disambiguation page should link back to the primary topic. Similarly, any article which has primary usage for a name that redirects to it and has other uses should have a "such-and-such redirects here" disambiguation link at the top, and the disambiguation page for that name should link back to the primary topic.

If there is extended discussion about which article truly is the primary topic, that may be a sign that there is in fact no primary topic. It has to be stressed, that the number of such cases is relatively rare within Hattrick Wiki. An example is Guatemala linking directly to the country instead of linking to Guatemala_(disambiguation).

How to do it[edit]

First step: Move existing articles around[edit]

Before constructing a new disambiguation page, determine a specific topic name for all existing pages, and the name for the disambiguation page. Move any page with a conflicting title (i.e., the same exact title) to its more specific name. Use the What links here list for the moved page to update pages that link to that page.

Example 1: if you have the articles Tanzanian Premier League Premier League Bangladesh and Premier League in Ghana, you move them like this:

  • Tanzanian_Premier_League to Premier_League_(Tanzania)
  • Premier_League_Bangladesh to Premier_League_(Bangladesh)
  • Premier_League_Ghana to Premier_League_(Ghana)

Example 2: if you have the article Boost dealing about the boost teams back in the old days received when they were playing in low division levels of big countries and you happen to discover that an article about the boost youth players receive when leaving the youth academy, you need to do the following:

  • Boost has to be moved to Boost_(Club) (this is needed to preserve the editing history)
  • the redirect from Boost to Boost_(Club) needs to be changed so that it redirects to Boost_(disambiguation). To be clear you will have this on the Boost page: #REDIRECT [[Boost_(disambiguation)]]

(Note, the underscores aren't necessary to move them, they have been added here in order to stress the blank spaces)

Second step: Set up the disambiguation page title and content[edit]

An example will be used to demonstrate this procedure. You need to set up a disambiguation page containing two parts:

  • the single title, which would be Boost in our example,
  • followed immediately by the suffix _(disambiguation).

You will end up with this article title: Boost_(disambiguation). The new page can be created like any new article or by following the red link you created when you changed the redirect like in Example 2 of the previous chapter.

The content of a disambiguation page should be a list of all possible topics that can be associated with the article title. Our example would offer links to Boost_(Club) and to Boost_(Player), preferably sorted alphabetically and accompanied with a very short explanation. In our case the code for the disambiguation page will be like this: http://wiki.hattrick.org/Boost_(disambiguation)?action=edit. Note that both a typical ''XYZ'' can refer to: and the {{disambig}} template are required.

Third step: Add small notes in the concerned articles[edit]

As soon as you have created the disambiguation page and linked to the various possible topics, you need to go through these articles one by one and add a sentence at the very beginning of each article, so that it is placed above the article text.

As for our example, the bit of text that needs to be added for Boost_(Club) is this one:

{{Other use|article=the '''boost''' for Hattrick clubs|title=Boost}}

The output will be this:

This page describes the boost for Hattrick clubs. For other uses of Boost, see Boost_(disambiguation).

The template {{Other use}} has two arguments:

  • article=
  • title=

Whilst article= is a short description following This page describes (the text you enter has to fit that sentence, so try as long as it makes sense), title= needs to be the title of the disambiguation page minus the suffix _(disambiguation) (the suffix is added automatically by the template, so there is no need to put it there).