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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Hattrick Wiki, the english guide to Hattrick that anyone can edit. The Hattrick Wiki works almost exactly like the larger Wikipedia. If you've never visited the Wikipedia, you may want to do so now. Click Here to visit the Wikipedia

Using the Hattrick Wiki

The Hattrick Wiki is a collective knowledge base of all things involving Hattrick - its community, its rules, and even its economy. But before you can start writing articles, you should learn how to navigate the site.

The Main Page is the hub of the Hattrick Wiki. You can find links on the main page to the bulk of the basics of Hattrick. If you are just getting started with the game, you may want to read these pages before moving on to the rest of this guide.

To find a specific page, use the search bar located toward the bottom of the left navigation links. Or, if you think the page is pretty obvious, try typing it's title into the address bar after .org/. For instance, to view your country's wiki page, type its name into your address bar as: http://wiki.hattrick.org/Country . On your country's page, you may find interesting links on country-related topics. Each region in each country will also eventually have a page.

Please remember that the wiki is a work in progress, and content may be lacking in certain areas. You can help by adding content of interest to you. Now that you know the basics of navigating the wiki, on to editing!

Editing the Hattrick Wiki

Editing the wiki can seem intimidating. After all, once you save something, everyone who visits that page will see your work. But, please know that we don't expect you to be perfect. Editing is a learning process, and as long as you're doing more good than harm you're helping the wiki when you do it!

Please note: An edit occurs when the content you added is saved. If you simply click the 'edit' tab, you can view the formatting of the page without editing the page. This can be useful if you don't know how to do something that appears on a certain page.

Before You Start Editing

Before you start editing pages on a regular basis, it is strongly advised that you create a Username. You are able to edit without a username, but you will want a username if you want to have a page about yourself, your team, or anything of that nature, and if you want people to be able to contact you. It also masks your IP address. Usernames help the rest of us know who is making those edits too, so please create one if you plan to edit more than once. To create a username, click on the small link in the top right corner that says "create an account or log in". This link should appear next to your IP address and a link to your talk page. Once you are on the 'log in:' page, fill in the required information (Username, password, and, optionally, your email address and real name). Then, click 'create new account.' That's it, simple as that, now you're a member of the Hattrick Wiki, and you'll get credit for all the thought you put into the edits you make, as long as you log in before each edit (or choose to store your username in a cookie).

How to Edit a Page

To edit a page, click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page. You should see a text box that resembles the box you see in the conferences when writing a post. To edit the page, add any content to the text you want to, then click 'show preview' at the bottom of the page. If the page looks good, save it. If not, change it as needed. Be sure to summarize your changes in the summary box at the bottom of the page if you made major changes; this is a good habit to start and makes things easier for everyone else. If you made a grammatical change or fixed some faulty formatting, click the minor edit tick box at the bottom to indicate to everyone else that you didn't make any big changes. However, whenever you add content you should save it as a normal edit.

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Italicized text (two apostrophes before and after the text)


Bold text (three apostrophes before

Editing Etiquette

1. When you write the general descriptive paragraph (aka the summarizing introduction), bold the name of the article. For example, if you're writing an article about the USA, you would start by saying:
"The USA is a country in Hattrick..."
This format is the standard for the Wikipedia and the Hattrick Wiki, so use it!

2. Use lots of internal links, but only link the first instance of a word in an article. For example:
New York is a region in the USA. In Hattrick New York has been a region since the USA was established.
Notice that I only linked region and USA the first time they appeared. Links are good, so use them when they're relevant, but don't have multiple links to the same article.

3. Before writing a new article, try to check the variations of the name to make sure the article doesn't already exist under a different name. For instance, the U.S.A. may not be an article, but the USA is an article. If you do create an article and find out later that another exists, use a Redirect (refer to the Advanced Editing section below for info on how to do this).

4. Keep external links in the middle of an article to a minimum. In most cases, external links should either go at the end of a section of an article or in an External Links section at the bottom of a page. Try not to use external links in the middle of a block of text unless it's absolutely necessary.

5. Don't sign pages that you created. Sorry, but the Hattrick Wiki editers should be modest. Please don't sign your edits; once you add content it belongs to everyone who uses the wiki. Consequently, if you don't want content that you made copied or edited, don't put it on the wiki. Editing is part of the process. Think of the wiki as a piece of open-source software. It can be changed or copied by anyone to make it better or worse.

6. Don't Vandalize! Vandalization, or trolling, is altering any page on the wiki to change the content so that it is less helpful to the reader. Anyone who purposely vandalizes an article may be banned from editing the wiki, so don't do it! It's a pain for everyone involved in the editing process.

7. Don't edit User:(name) pages, unless it is your own or you are given specific permission. Exceptions to this: if there is an obvious formatting error that needs to be fixed, or if the user has been inactive for a long time.

8. Name your articles correctly. For information on naming conventions, please refer to the Naming Conventions page.

9. Try not to use any colors or formatting on pages outside of your user page that you've never seen elsewhere on the wiki. It's a good idea to ask someone if you're not sure of how to present information.

10. Keep it clean. The use of profanity on the wiki where it isn't necessary is, well, not necessary, and any articles containing profanity will probably be edited anyway. So, do yourself a favor and write like you would on Global, or maybe even a little nicer :-).

11. Don't take on more than you can handle. You're not expected to write ten articles a day. It's much more helpful for you to write one good article than ten short ones. Or, if all you have time for is one short article, that helps too. But, if you're not sure about how to do something or you just don't want to do it, just add the {{stub}} tag and save the article (see below for more info on the stub tag).

Advanced Editing

Once you've mastered the basics, you're ready to write a basic article. But what about the fancy tables, like you see on the Main Page, or the category tags?


Forces a Table of Contents to appear at that spot in your page. Alternatively you can use NOTOC to force the wiki to show no TOC. Otherwise, the wiki will add a Table of Contents after the default required number of categories.


Adds the template 'template' to the page. The most common template is {{stub}}, which you use to indicate an incomplete article. It appears as:

Football.png This article is a stub. You can help Hattrick Wiki by expanding it.

Put this template at the bottom of an incomplete section or at the end of an incomplete article.

[[Category:Name|Indexed Name]]

Adds the article to Category 'Name'. Within that category, the name of the article is indexed under 'Indexed Name' (optional parameter), though the name of the link in the category appears the same as the actual article name.

{| border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 style="border-collapse:collapse"
|- bgcolor=#eeeeee
! Cat1 !! Cat2 !! Cat3
|Entry 1-1 || Entry 1-2 || Entry 1-3
|Entry 2-1 || Entry 2-2 || Entry 2-3

Creates a typical wiki table that appears as follows:

Cat1 Cat2 Cat3
Entry 1-1 Entry 1-2 Entry 1-3
Entry 2-1 Entry 2-2 Entry 2-3
  • Tables are probably the toughest part of wiki code, but practice enough and you'll figure it out.
  • To add another column, add another !! after Cat3 and after that write the title you want. Then to enter values into that column add || after the last entry in each line followed by the desired value.
  • To add another row, add |- after the line above where you want the row, then add | Column 1 Value || Column 2 Value || etc.

#REDIRECT[[Article Title]] 

Add this to a page to perform an automatic redirect to a different article.


Use this to create a line in the page. Use this sparingly - probably only on talk pages or data dumps.


Use this tag to link to a media file. Probably not of a lot of use on this wiki.

<math>Insert formula here</math> 

Use this tag to write a math formula. Again not of a lot of use on this wiki.


Writes the text in a box (like the one that the formatting marks are in) that appears as below:


Advanced Editing Tips

1. Use #REDIRECT sparingly, as redirects are annoying when they do not make sense. Only use a redirect when redirecting from a common misspelling (such as 'Offence') or a different word for something (such as Bjorn instead of HT-Bjorn), or in other instances when there is already another article that speaks about something very similar to what an article would be about.

2. Use tables, but be sure to format them correctly. A poorly formatted table stands out like a sore thumb. Base your color choices on the rest of the page, and also be sure that your table is the right size.

3. Label any and every incomplete article as a stub with the stub template. That way, when frequent editers are looking for work, they can view the pages that have the stub template and go from there. Any incomplete article should be labeled as a stub.

4. Use templates. They're your best friend. You can learn how to use a certain template by going to the page "Template:'Template_Name'" to view the template. There should be a guide to using the parameters in the discussion page, as well as an example of how it looks when it is used. An exception for that is if the template is a one-liner, such as the stub template.

5. Use categories. To view a category, go to the page 'Category:Category_Name' to view the list of all articles in that category. Categories are much more useful and easier to use than a simple list, so if you're making a list of articles, use a category.

You should now be an editing pro. At this point, you may want to try your hand at writing an article. Or, if you want to learn about other functions, read on!

Special Functions

Beyond editing and using the wiki, there is a handful of extra functions that you may want to use when creating an article or managing the wiki.

Uploading Files

To upload files go to the 'Upload File' page in the toolbox (under the search bar). You can upload pictures, data files, or even music, as long as it is only used on the wiki and pertains to hattrick. Images are almost a must have for any article before it can be deemed 'complete,' so you will probably be uploading those the majority of the time. The size requirements are pretty loose, so that shouldn't be a problem. For more info on uploading, check out the Upload File page.

The Discussion Page

Every article automatically has a discussion page. This is where you should discuss ideas about the article or concerns you may have but are afraid to edit without asking someone else. When you use the discussion page, be sure to divide your comment with either a header or a line (unless you are responding to someone else, in which case you would probably use either a bullet or a tab break). Also be sure to sign your comments by using the Signature tag (--~~~~). Never erase anyone else's comment. If you leave a comment on a user's talk page, they will see that they have "new messages" at the top of the next wiki page they view when logged in. This is a great way to contact wiki users if you have a question about something.

Moving Pages

Use the 'Move' function by clicking the move tab at the top of an article. To move a page, the target title must be a non-existent page (not just blank, but non-existent). Move pages when you notice that a title is incorrectly formatted, misspelled, or otherwise. If you have to manually move a page (ie cut-paste to the new title), be sure to place a Redirect on the original page to the new page and erase all content from that page. When you move an article, a redirect is automatically placed.

Thanks for reading this guide to the Hattrick Wiki, and happy editing!