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Some users have formed the HattrickWiki Players Project to sort out the Category:Players page and various Player pages in the main namespace, and move these to team namespaces and to national player categories. This page contain information about their work; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians and the management of the Wiki. If you would like to help, comment or in any other way coontribute to this project, please inquire on the talk page.


This HattrickWikiProject aims to get all pages relating to players to be located in the correct namespace as well as belonging to the correct category. This is according to the newly accepted Hattrick:Notability concensus.


This project is pending. This document and its guidelines may change without prior notice. No work should be done in this project until the status changes to ongoing. If you have input to this project, please use the discussion page.


If you would like to participate in this WikiProject, please add your name below.


  1. Each non-notable player shall reside under his teams namespace.
  2. Each non-notable player shall have a national player category, rather than the main Player category, e.g. [[Category:Brazilian Players|Lastname, Firstname]]
  3. Each notable player shall (in addition to any other category) be categorized in his country, e.g. [[Category:Brasil|Lastname, Firstname]].
  4. In case there doesn't exist a national player category, this shall be created, e.g. Category:Brazilian Players (edit to see contents).
  5. These national player pages shall be categorized in the country category, e.g. [[Category:Brasil|Players]] for the above example.
  6. In case a player has been added in the main namespace, and his team does not exist, add him to the Category:Uncategorised Players.