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This is the "mother project" for all translation projects. Since there are many languages, each will be divided into an own sub-category.


Generally, the main scope of translation projects is following:

  1. Translation of articles from English into another language. Since the HattrickWiki is based on the English language, this concerns all the "main" articles like guidelines, top leagues, international cups, ...
  2. Translation of articles from another language into English. Since many people work together here and the most widespread language is English, you can simplify and speed up the working process by translating articles into English which don't have such a translation yet.

This project itself

The only purpose of this project is to assemble all other sub-projects into a main project. The only job members of this project will have to do is keeping an eye on things (in matters of order, standardization and so on).


Feel free to participate if you understand anything mentioned here and feel like you can handle it. It's not difficult, but keep to standards - this is critical for this project.


Always pending per definitionem. Hattrick will continuously grow, and so will the number of spoken languages!


This paragraph contains all specific translation projects. These are distincted by language. To keep up with current Hattrick Wiki standards, the language is abbreviated into a ISO 639-3 letter code (ask members of this project if unsure before adding a new one).

* sortable by ISO country code

Flag* Name
Netherlands Dutch
France French
Germany German