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There are many players within the Hattrick world, too many even. Not all players can enter the Hattrick Wiki and only a minor part will ever do so. On the other hand, not all players entering Hattrick Wiki can be qualified as notable players. However they still exist and cannot be erased simply because they haven't achieved what others achieved. To ensure this, this guideline regulates how different cases can and must be handled.

Also players can have the same name and there are multiple other issues related to them explained and detailed in this policy.

Note: This policy is a more detailed description of Hattrick:Notability. In case of doubt it overrides what is stated there on the notability of players.


Players can be freely created, whether notable or not. Player articles have to be created under the main namespace, following this convention: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, where FIRSTNAME is the first name of the player and LASTNAME is the last name of the player. They are both separated by a space. In case a player has multiple first or last names, they're of course listed in the same order as given in Hattrick. There are exceptions to this convention since several countries follow other conventions on names, especially Asian countries like China or Vietnam. In these cases the convention doesn't apply as usual and the order used in Hattrick applies.

In the exceptional case that two players of the exact same name are created on the wiki, the article name will have to contain the playerid to distinguish between both players. In this case, the convention is as follows FIRSTNAME LASTNAME (playerid). For example: Tim Johanneskirche (58142091) and Tim Johanneskirche (386083574). The page Tim Johanneskirche will then be reserved as a disambiguation page and will list both players.

Notable players[edit]

A player is notable when he has achieved something special that is not or cannot be achieved by most other players in the game, for example like Bob Sunesson.

Notable players[edit]

Note that notability rules still exist, a player is notable when he has achieved one or more of the following things:

  • Current or former member of a national team (player must have one cap at least, one cap being a participation of at least one minute in a match);
  • Current or former member of a U-20 national team (player must have one cap at least);
  • Current or former Hattrick Masters participant, especially a former Hattrick Masters top scorer;
  • Cup final winner;
  • Top league winner (minimum of 8 match participations for that particular team during the season of the championship);
  • Achieved a historic accomplishment (first goal ever on a counter-attack, oldest player ever, etc.);
  • Notability within the global community built up over a very long time (applies only in rare cases, decision on case by case according to Hattrick:Consensus).

Articles for notable players are always following this convention: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Identically named players that are non-notable will need the playerid.


  • Bob Sunesson gets an article with the lemma Bob Sunesson, where Bob is the first and Sunesson the last name.
  • Fred-Bernhard Freiherr Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim has a longer name, the corresponding lemma is: Fred-Bernhard Freiherr Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim where Fred-Bernhard is the first name and the rest of the name are the consecutive parts of the last name.
  • 伊 (Yi) 泽彪 (Zebiao) has a Chinese name. First in line comes his last name, then his first name. The normal convention takes a break and the order given by Hattrick's engine is used, which makes it 伊 (Yi) 泽彪 (Zebiao)

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