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There are many players within the Hattrick world, too many even. Not all players can enter the Hattrick Wiki and only a minor part will ever do so. On the other hand, not all players entering Hattrick Wiki can be qualified as notable players. However they still exist and cannot be erased simply because they haven't achieved what others achieved. To ensure this, this guideline regulates how different cases can and must be handled.

Also players can have the same name and there are multiple other issues related to them explained and detailed in this policy.

Note: This policy is a more detailed description of Hattrick:Notability. In case of doubt it overrides what is stated there on the notability of players.

Notable players

All notable players can enter the main namespace, like Bob Sunesson. A player is notable when he has achieved something special that is not or cannot be achieved by most other players in the game.

Note: The following criteria only concern players of senior teams.

Criteria for notable players

A player is notable when he has achieved one or more of the following things:

  • Current or former member of a national team (player must have one cap at least, one cap being a participation of at least one minute in a match);
  • Current or former member of a U-20 national team (player must have one cap at least);
  • Current or former Hattrick Masters participant, especially a former Hattrick Masters top scorer;
  • Cup final winner;
  • Top league winner (minimum of 8 match participations for that particular team during the season of the championship);
  • Received a nickname like George 'Archbishop' Carey;
  • Achieved a historic accomplishment (first goal ever on a counter-attack, oldest player ever, etc.);
  • Notability within the global community built up over a very long time (applies only in rare cases, decision on case by case according to Hattrick:Consensus).

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Non-notable players

Non-notable players also have their place within Hattrick, they can enter subfolders within the namespace.

Criteria for non-notable players

Non-notable players don't match any of the criteria for notable players.

Articles about non-notable players


Youth players

Youth players, i.e. players in the youth academy, are never considered as notable.

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Defunct players


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