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This article provides a detailed overview of the Hattrick Wiki's search feature (in the upper left corner of a Wiki window.) There is also a special search box, which is customisable to search in one or more desired namespaces.

Two buttons[edit]

Type your keywords in the box to the left under "search" and then click:

  • Gobutton.PNG - clicking it or simply pressing Enter on your keyboard after typing your keyword takes you to the article.
  • Searchbutton.PNG - returns a list of articles and additional search options.

How to search?[edit]

  • If your search terms include a common stop word (such as the, your, more, right, while, when, who, which, such, every, about), you may see many irrelevant results.
  • There are no wild card characters that could be used
  • Words with some special characters (diacritics and apostrophes for example) can be searched for.
  • Logged in users can choose how much context and how many hits per page to display with a parameter in Preferences.

The namespaces[edit]

The search only applies to the namespaces selected in the user's preferences.

To search in a particular namespace, insert its prefix with a colon, for example Template:Stub will search for "Stub" in the template namespace.

To search in any subset of namespaces, use the advanced search form, which appears at the bottom of a search results page, if a search is unsuccessful.