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[[Category:Supporter Features]]
[[Category:Supporter Features]]

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Hattrick Clubhouse is an easy-to-use service that allows you to build and maintain a homepage for your Hattrick team. Hattrick Clubhouse is an add-on to Hattrick Supporter and is therefore available exclusively to users who are Hattrick Supporters. It will not however give any in-game advantages. It is an optional extra that encourages the community aspect of Hattrick. Currently, more than 6600 managers have a Hattrick Clubhouse of their own.

The Clubhouse is tightly integrated with the Hattrick database, which means that a manager can update automatically many facts and statistics about his team. It's easy to customise and you do not necessarily need any knowledge about HTML. Features include statistics on players, games, and the league. You can include a poll, operate a series pool, and build your own link collection as well as get your very own club.hattrick.org e-mail address.

Additionally for those users with some knowledge of HTML and/or CSS the clubhouse can be customized to individual preferences. The free page feature which allows users to include (almost) any type of content is one that many clubhouse owners use to give their team pages a touch of character.

In order to support clubhouse owners and to enhance the community aspect a number of clubhouse-related federations have been established.

Currently the largest, with 36 members, is the United Hattrick Clubhouse Federation (UHCHF) AllianceID: 27011. Founded 13/07/05 they run their own friendly cup competition called the UHCHF World Cup. Other federations include:

Hattrick Clubhouse (HTCH). AllianceID: 6042. Founded 29/11/03. ddssd Clubhouse-Föderation (Clubhouse). AllianceID: 46416. Founded 30/08/06.

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