Hattrick Drankjes Café

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Hattrick Drankjes Café
(AllianceID: 18833)

Hattrick Drankjes Café

Hattrick Drankjes Café is a federation from The Netherlands and Belgium with 93 members. Swiebie, also president of the Official Dutch Federation, opened the café on 7 February 2005. Digster and HDC-Pluck are at the moment the brother and sister of Swiebie, they help him manage the café until the end of the current season.

Also take a look at www.hattrickdrankjescafe.tk


President (also founder and owner)

Vice-Presidents until 31-12-2005

  • Digster
  • HDC-Pluck

The lady of the house

  • hdc-prinses


  • willywv
  • GuliYen


The distant traveller (Responsible for the (rank) lists)

  • HDC-Pluck

Stars-professional (Responsible for the HDC star-lists)

  • HDC-Autobot

Meubilair (furniture)

Nieuwsgierige Stamgast aka Interviewer


The Gamble Corner

Alcohol Bokaal